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My first mission: UFO recovered.. or destroyed?

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I just played my first mission, a small UFO downed by 'local authorities' (I am yet to actively down one myself). After killing all aliens outside the UFO I set up my guys and gals with a good defense view of the UFO's entrance door. Having equipped my Seargeant with a rocket launcher I decided to blow up the door just in case those damn aliens was waiting with a nasty suprise inside. The rocket hit the door and blew it up. However I am not sure how much of the UFO was actually destroyed by this? It seemed like the UFO walls disappeared, but it was still only possible to hit the aliens inside when shooting in through the door opening, or going into the UFO. SO the walls wasn't destroyed after all?. When the last alien was killed I got the briefing window. I didn't get any positive points only negative: -4 for civilans killed(by aliens) and -2 for the killing of something else, can't remember what is was(not my soldiers, they all survived without a scrath). Next to the "UFO recovered" line was only a '0', like I failed to recover it. While the mission was a success the briefing screen smelled of failure. Was I the cause of that? Did I destroy the UFO with my rocket launcher?

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This answer may be a little late but anyway, I randomly saw this.

  1. (In X1) you cannot destroy the UFO walls. it is a graphical effect that they become translucent when you first can look inside the UFO (wether you blow it open or open it regularly)
  2. There are certain recoverable things (stacks of alien materials, data core, some machines) insde a UFO. You will not get these things if you destroy them. Any yes, for the smallest UFO tye, I think the explosion radius of a rocket may be large enough to destroy everything inside (on larger UFOs there is not so much to destroy right behind the door, the important stuff is deeper inside)
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