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X2 Audio Design

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I'm not sure where X2 is at with the audio design, but game audio is what I do for a living and I wanted to offer my time in a volunteer capacity if it's needed. To be clear: I'm not asking for payment -- I just really liked X1 and put so many hours into it that I simply think it would be fun to be give back to GH and the Xenonauts community a bit. If you've got it all taken care of, that's cool.

But if you need any help creating sounds, implementing them, fixing bugs, testing stuff, tightening up the logic a bit -- anything you need, just hit me up. I really would be honored to be part of this badass game. :)


I'm really excited for this game and the future of GH. Thanks so much for Xenonauts and X2!

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Thanks. We're in the process of starting work on the first batch of new sounds for X2 right now actually. Feel free to send me an email (address in signature) with a link to your portfolio; maybe it'll come to nothing but there's no harm in seeing if there's anywhere you might be able help us out :)

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