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Xenonauts United - The Ultimate Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator

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Before anyone gets overly-excited, do note this is just conceptualisation of the game in the title of this thread.
But this is still something that been well enough "cooking" in my head for some while now and wroth sharing publicly.

Anyways, here a link to the document I might keep writing in the future depending on *whateverthings*:

Even if the document itself would simply be indefinitely stalled, I do have though of various scenarios and solutions in my head;
general "delivery" just has always been my weakness.
Feel free to post anything relation
(own thoughts, questions, you-name-it ).

Some key-points to mention here for those who necessarily aren't into readings "walls-of-text":

- BattleScape would truly cover the whole Tellus; not just partially.
- Global-commanding possibilities instead of just a singular organization


Generally speaking this thread is meant to be more of just another public "think-tank" or otherwise leaving some records for the sake of "consciousness" of multiple-discovery-folks.
But hopefully this place can still offer inspiration and some other resources to pretty much everyone.


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I have in the past played both of those X-com games, and each had a charm of their own, it would be nice if they could be forged together, as this would indeed give great battle field variety!!

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