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Question about the mod order

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Hello everybody

I got question regarding the mod order, specifically about the (XCE) Xenonauts fix pack. In the Mod description it says to put it at the Top of your mod list. I know this may be an obvious question but does that mean to put it at the highest or lowest mod priority? The way i understand is it is to be put at a highest mod priority. Im a bit confused because after I first installed XCE it was at mod priority postion number 15 while some of the mod listed needed to be loaded below have been loaded above the fix pack.

Also does the game load mods by priority order or vise versa? In for example TES games plugins which are first in the loadorder get loaded first and overwrite previous ones. If that would the same case here wouldn't the Fix pack get overwritten by the actual mods ?

And just a generel question does the loadorder of the other mods actaully matter or is the order of the other mods beside the fix pack irrelevant. Also is it ok to leave the non active mods in the list, for example the french versions in my case.

I send some srceenshots of my mod order.

Many thanks in advance for anserwing my maybe somewhat stupid questions :)


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Your screenshots are correct. You should read the mod list from the top to bottom, i.e. Priority 1 is highest and 29 in this case is lowest. For the fix pack, what's actually important is that it should be above the map packs, so that it can overwrite some parts of those maps.

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OK thats good to know. Thank you very much for the quick and informative answer.

Also Kudos to the entire XCE Team for making an already awesome game even more awesome :)

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great game & enjoying the various mods on offer..

..is there some reason why the mod list reorders itself every time I start up the game though? -do I have to then reorder it every time I go to load up an old game or something?



meh. the game just says to me something like "the mods are not in the required order yadda yadda would you like to auto-sort them?" so I just select YES & let it do it's thing. 

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