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Xenonauts-2 Air Combat Prototype & Effects on Strategy Layer

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As it looks not, but if you played the good old X-Com Titels (Enemy Unknown / Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse) you will get a flashback. :p You wanna play the Beta as fast as possible to check it out.

But we have to wait 1,5 more Month to do that.

I hope the Developers from Hoi 4 take themselfs time to make a very big new Patch (1.6) to fix all old Bugs / not correctly Features from all existing DLC´s / Patches and get the new integretaded features from the new Patch and DLC as bugfree as possible.

So that we can concentrate on the Closed Beta for Xenonauts 2 and the cool playabilitytests for Squadron 303 with upcoming new features / missing features.

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Hello everybody!

I have had the pleasure of reading all about the new Xenonauts 2 and new air combat mechanic sounds like fun to learn!

Don't get me wrong.. Personally Xenonauts 1 air combat was my favourite of this genre.

One must admit that the repeativeness and lack of variety was one bad thing to say about it. But it was fun to learn.

But after reading all the comments I wanted to leave my few thought that I personally had combined from all the comments given to topic.


Thoughts about regional map  and airbases for xenonauts2:

Regional map that would have separare airbases and the "single main ant base in missile silo" would be just fantastic.

One thing I would love to see is xenonaut controlled aircraft carriers to sea.. devs please let us have one or 2 and maybe subnautic ones that emerge..!

Alternative: They don't have to move. If that is issue. Maybe build on some sunken island base and then the launch areas could emerge and catch vtols. Just idea anyway.

I hope that goes to think tank and some one draws pretty concept picture of hidden aircraft carrier emerging from sea.. Xenonaut organisation would be ever more cool :P

Also I hope each region could have their own air base under xenonauts control. Do not confuse refer to region to each country tho... Would kinda make sense to me at least.

Should a region fall they would reveal the air base and therefore be lost.



One thing I highly hope is that there should be ALOT variety in UFO even they are same class.

Give us a good reason for aircombat to analyze the opponent, it could be a recon mission, equipment to aircrafts.. just I hope it would be meaningful part of the game.

Another thing I hope is tactic or reasoning for behavior to diffrent alien crafts based maybe on the missions they are doing.

Example: If you encounter research craft and damage it why would it stick around? I hope some crafts would bail more easy if you cant take em down in single attack run.

I hope aircombat get as much importance as ground missions. I gotta say that I liked more playing air combat than ground mission in the long run.

I might be rare player for that matter but please I hope air combat would.. wide range of options like the ground combat is.


Pilots and drones topic:

If the new air combat is to be actions of pilots, I hope there would be interface to give orders to them.

Even you give order to simply attack I hope the options to also cancel mid attack (example draw fire and bail before getting hit, yet remain in battle) or eject for that matter.

I noticed lot of talk about drones too. Sound like a easy way to simplify the game mechanic.. yet most of us hope for real topguns!

Another way to go around would be that each country could have crappy stock pilots.. and the hero pilots you could recover from missions.

Silly suggestion to spin around here: Some pilots could have some character in em, leaving maybe room for audio recording for em? Just a idea anyway.


Last thoughts:

Again I am happy to hear xenonauts 2 will have new air combat game mechanic. Cant wait to give it a try!

Keep up the good work!

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It's really sad to hear that the X1 realtime system is phased out and replaced by a turn-based approach, it was one of the most important feature that attracts me for X1, that it was few of the strategy games that has intriguing display on both air and land battles, let alone Man vs Alien settings. Now it would be impossible to turn the tides against the better alien aircrafts by realtime maneuvers and dogfight techniques such as baiting/kiting, but just exchanging missiles in a NAPOLEONIC way --- considering the AAMs in real life, it might be a more "realistic" way :((

I've seen a beta video on Youtube, can't say I'm not disappointed: instead of excitements brought from X1, the new system is not only Napoleonic missle battles, but just a auto-resolve systems with some missile buttons add-ons, the only thing player able to do is to simply press the button, and this makes every air battles risky even while dealling with a light scout. Just hope It's just a beta version and hope things would get better after release, or i can just expect a better land battle system to fulfill the lost of a exciting feature. 

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@EurekaSeven welcome to the forum. Yeah, while the real-time system may not comeback, what the build showed most likely was very preliminary. That's also why backers were not supposed to show these ALPHA builds. So hold your horses and wait for the release until you judge.

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So hold your horses and wait for the release until you judge.

Thanks for your patience, and you might be right, I still need to wait and see. I'm just hoping that the new air-battle system would show randomnized battles just like the ground battle and the realtime system in X1 did, that we can never plays out the same way twice.

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The real time air combat was fun, but pretty limited. It is a minigame. Unless it gets fleshed out to be something impressive in its own right, it is just not that replayable. You end up needing the autoresolve because it is so repetitive - there are too few variables.

Personally, I wouldn't mind more development going into air combat. If Goldhawk could somehow cut and paste FTL into Xenonauts that'd be grand. Maybe give it more scope so you can have a dozen craft in a single fray. Then add some VR support to it, with a personalised gaming chair that leans and tilts as you pilot the aircraft through barrel rolls...yeah, something along those lines.

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Even the best air game would end with auto solving for a gamer. As someone who tried to mod X1-air game so madly to create a fun and cool way, i end up using autosolve again.. it's not about the quality of the minigame, it's about the number of it. At mid game, you fight against 6-8 ufo same time. Until midgame if you play all the minigames, you will be already sick of it.. again and again and again.. you will use it maybe against a bigger ufo at first times.. 

As i said, i made tons of contents for air game at my mod.. i made special planes, special weapons.. even wanted more special things from XCE branch.. but still, you need to repeat it so many times that you ignore it totally later.. and x1's air game was hard. Maybe the default game is much more forgiving about it but if you want it hard, you can make it hard very easily.. so nobody would want to play a minigame which needs a total concentration and failure chance with just a wrong maneuver.. 

For these reasons, i would like to see a cool auto solving solution without player control. First After**** game got this very well with just some videos from the dog fight scene.. it was cool, it was simple, it was very fun to watch.. Some options can be added for players, but %90 of it should be auto solve. 

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The air combat with direct control of the planes was one of the best parts of Xenonauts. This system isn't interesting at all.

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