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Xenonauts-2 Air Combat Prototype & Effects on Strategy Layer

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As it looks not, but if you played the good old X-Com Titels (Enemy Unknown / Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse) you will get a flashback. :p You wanna play the Beta as fast as possible to check it out.

But we have to wait 1,5 more Month to do that.

I hope the Developers from Hoi 4 take themselfs time to make a very big new Patch (1.6) to fix all old Bugs / not correctly Features from all existing DLC´s / Patches and get the new integretaded features from the new Patch and DLC as bugfree as possible.

So that we can concentrate on the Closed Beta for Xenonauts 2 and the cool playabilitytests for Squadron 303 with upcoming new features / missing features.

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If this 2D air combat part of the game is like this snip-it we have just seen, I will opting for an auto air resolution?

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