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[(V1.65) Xenonauts, 0.35 Comunity Edition, XMC (act. vers.) - negative build time

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Hello team and modders,

I encountered negative build times in 3 of my 5 bases in game. This prevents me from manufacturing at thosebases. I don't know if it is a Xenonaut-, CE- or XMC-issue.
Any idea how I could fix it? Negative buildtimes are on vanila items, as well as the mod contents. It is strange that not all bases but 2/5 have this issue.
Also I could manufacture there at first. Sadly my backup (last functioning save game) file allready has this corrupiton, so I can't do further tests.

If maybe again a XMC-tech causes the problem.

Any idea how I could fix it?


Backup Game Save 1.sav

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