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[V1.65W, loadouts] Rocket launcher always defaults to explosive rocket

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I did a search and found similar bug reports dated from 2014; no matter what rocket you put into the rocket launcher, after a mission it's always refilled with a default explosive rocket. I even tried saving a loadout with stun rockets both in the tube and in inventory, and it just replaces it with an explosive rocket every time. Is there a workaround for this? It's rather annoying having to double- or triple-check my troops between every mission, and as useful as blowing a hole into a wall might be, I'd rather have the extra pre-loaded stun round...

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I'm also in 1.65 and I'm having the exact same problem.  When you set a stun rocket to the launcher in the equipment menu, then set that equipment as default it will be a HE rocket when I click equip default, and it resets between missions

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