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Coffee Potato

[X-Div V 99.45 - Geoscape] Save Explosion

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(I attached the 3 surviving autosaves, hoping to get some idea of what's going on here from Mr Charon. )

Right Before: https://youtu.be/HbbYrd_qUm4

I was streaming my run of this earlier, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When I went to save, it seemed to save just fine. At that point, I did my usual routine of going through squad management, and re-organizing things a bit better. At that point I went to save, and the game crashed. So, I reloaded it, and found my hard save deleted. At this point I went in and tried to do it again, figuring it was one of those rare bugs, redid my squad, made a new save, and crashed. At that point I tried to launch a mission with just that same party. I had figured maybe it was the planes in the air maybe messing with something, since I don't think that was a base game feature. One time, it launched, and it made a new auto save. Upon saving, it crashed again. I tried to repeat this process, and it crashed, but made a second, seemingly identical autosave?

At any rate, I hope this has an answer, I'm stumped. 





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@Coffee Potato

Yes - the game crashes everytime you try to make a save.

I can only assume it has something do with the fact that the base evacuation code is new, and the current save has something which it cant cope with. I assume it could be the soldier with 1 health at the end of the base attack, but frankly, this also happens in the vanilla game.


I can only ask @Solver to look into it and see if he can remove the thing which blocks the saving process.

Other than that having a save before the mission ends, and a save before the mission starts is your best bet.

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@Solver I just rechecked the Base Evacuation code, and saving seems to funtion when aircrafts are midflight after the aliens successfully take over a base, as well as after touching down in the new base. So everything seems to work.

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Also, the two identical autosaves were a test launch that didn't crash one time, and inexplicably duplicated itself when I tried to launch with an actually prepared group afterwards. Not sure if that helps.  

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