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Quick Kickstater / Dev Update

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Thought I'd post up a quick update because it's been a couple of weeks since I did so, despite saying the Kickstarter was imminent! :)

Right now we've completed the text on the Kickstarter page and are just waiting on a couple of pieces of art for the page, and we've shot the parts of the video where I'm talking to camera and we're just working on polishing up the gameplay footage that needs to go there. A few specifics:

  • We're repainting the Soldier Equip screen so it has a fresh background and fresh soldier paperdoll art for the starting armours, as this was previously using placeholder art from X1 (this will appear in the video and is also one of the missing gifs for the main page)
  • We're implementing Geoscape map zoom / pan functionality, as the interception footage looks really dull without it
  • We're adding a few new weapon effects to make the gameplay footage more interesting; e.g. lasers that fire real beams rather than red laser bullets

The problem that we're encountering is that we've been concentrating on the gameplay side of things, so we're either missing functionality that makes things look cool (Geoscape zooming) or relying on placeholder art from X1 that allows us to implement and test things without waiting for artists. It was only when we sat down to extract gameplay footage for the video that we realised we don't have anything except the public builds that is particularly polished, so we've had to spend a bit of time addressing that now instead of doing it all towards the end of the project.

I still don't know when we'll be launching the Kickstarter, but when we do make that decision we'll post it up on the forums and we'll also send it out to everyone on our mailing list. Although this current public build seems pretty stable, we're likely to release one more build before the Kickstarter includes a couple more small bugfixes. Expect that early next week.

Other than that, development is continuing at a reasonable pace. Our 3D artist is hard at work bringing our Boreal biome to life with a logging camp and some cool trains, while I'm further developing the Geoscape interception mechanics. We're currently experimenting with moving turns from being 24 hours long to being 8 hours long with the intention of having UFOs loitering for multiple turns, generating Geoscape Events etc like they do in the first game (this also brings back the day / night cycle in a more meaningful sense). I'm not sure if we'll keep it yet ... but I'm liking it so far.

We've also put a couple of new items in the game too - although they're still a bit rough with regards to visuals! The first is the Remote Charge, an updated version of the C4 charge from the first game - but instead of this having a timer, you now get a detonator in your inventory that allows you to remotely trigger the charge (for a few TU) any time you like during your turn. The idea is that this will allow you to place a remote charge and arrange your troops as you want, then detonate the explosive at the start of the next turn and conduct your assault immediately. The second item is a cool little translocator device that allows the user to teleport themselves to any tile within squadsight (although it has very few charges). Might be hard to balance, but we'll see!

That's all for now; I'll keep you guys posted with our progress as it happens over the next few weeks.

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