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X-com: Apocalypse 2?

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Since there's be a discussion about X:Apoca on the Xeno:2 forum, wondering what you liked about the game and what you would want if they made a modern game similar/remake with a new engine.  Yes I know someone is making a fan made project already, but this is about a full new game.

Some conversation starters:

What would the aliens be/look like?

What mechanics would you keep/get rid of?

Who would you want working on it?

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Yeah, the main forum thread for the new Xenonauts, a game the Goldhawk team are surely working hard to create, is probably not the place to chat about how great some other game was. Buuut Apoc was pretty damn good.

Aliens: Apoc had variety. From the a huge building-sized godzilla monster down to tiny eggs or green puddles of micro-organisms. The aliens made sense too, it was a society, with a caste structure and a life cycle to discover. I believe that came from them designing a sci-fi and mapping it on to a tactical game rather than the other way round. My vote here would be for aliens that fit into a bigger picture. There is scope to have some really wacky designs, like teleporting aliens made of light or fungal creatures that operate via spores - but it is crucial to have at least one species at the centre of it all that has hands and a brain. That is the 'housekeeper' species who builds all the ships and stuff. They can't just be slaves, they've got to feel intelligent, independent and a little bit normal.

Game mechanics: I was definitely a fan of the living city. All the corporations had some interaction with each other and something they added to the city. The Solmine organisation imported Elerium from offworld - if the spaceport was damaged, the market supply of Elerium would dry up until the city sent repair vehicles out to repair the damage. The back story to these factions really tied everything together, it is an aspect of hard sci-fi where the imagined reality feels factual. Most RPGs are a world waiting for the player to drive things forward, the Apoc cityscape would tick along with or without you. I guess in terms of a perfect remake to the game, I'd be interested in seeing more interaction between the aliens and the human organisations - as it was, they just got infiltrated gradually. It would be cool if the Cult of Sirius was a bigger player economically. A more believable outreach program for alien takeover cooperation.


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