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[X:CE 0.34.1] Odd aircraft weapons' stats in Xenopedia

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The stats that are displayed in the bottom right corner for all the tier 1 aircraft weapons ("Vulcan" autocannon, AIM-9 Sidewinder, Avalanche Torpedo) now correspond their plasma counterpart (range and damage). In contrast, laser/alenium weapons (tier 2) display correct stats. Sadly, I've only realized this oddity while already at tier 3 (not tier 2). As I'm not even close to reach tier 4 technology in my current play through, I'm posting right now, without waiting for what could be a possible confirmation that tier 1 aircraft weapons always display the current tier's stats. As seen on the screenshot, Vulcan is said to deal 15 damage at 4,000 m, instead of 5 damage at 3,000 m (laser autocannon deals 10 damages), that is the same as the plasma blaster. Trust me, it's just the same oddity for both missiles.

There are two solutions : a gremlin changed the files and the tier 1 weapons are really that good (I don't remember this, however), or this is a bug.

Currently observed with all Plasma technologies, and none of MAG technologies researched.xeno_xenopedia_aircraftWeaponsWrongStats.thumb.png.5ca0a34dd5e668acf0cd2610cecdb14e.png.


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