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Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

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You are a underground Military founded from the highest politicans (Presidents from Russia and USA) and highest military brass. And the ATLAS Base is the Secundary Base (Replacement Base for Emergency) from Xenonauts. The old Main Base must be Destroyed by Attack or Demontaged or whatever.

That´s why it´s unnessecary to build up a new base and say to the Aliens: "Hey Look here we are!" Like I said before and the last time again: It cost´s much more money, which you don´t have. As well as you haven´t enough resources for research / upgrades etc. if you build up a new base.

An Example (which I played through): Play UFO ET and build up all Continents with Bases. You have only 1 Main Base and the others like in Xenonauts 1 are Interceptor-Bases with fully self Defense [you will need it!!! :cool:]. Every Month you get the Max. Income from the States and you will have a big big deficit. And you will bring in more bases to Xenonauts 2? How will you finance that. You can´t finance that in the Game anymore like in Xenonauts 1. 

That´s because the Missions will playing much differnt than in the predecessor. In X 2 you get in one mission that Alienthing (like Plates in Crash Sites) in an other mission an other Alienthing (like Elerium) to make the Game much more interesting. That´s why we have only one Mainbase for the new Xenonauts-Game, new XCom-Games, UFO ET, and the UFO-Afterseries (since UFO Aftershock).


About the Nuke: This Nuke is for the Emergency to blow the Aliens away from earth, which was sponsored form the Eastern-Border (Warhead with more BOOM!!!) and Wester-Border (the Rocket). You are playing in a time where the Eastern and Western Border are in a cold War (you are beginning in the mid / end 1970´s). The Cold war was from the 1950´s to 1990. I like the Idea, in UFO ET or the UFO Afterseries I wished to have such emergengy rockets against the bad Aliens.

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