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new map please

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Is the level editor included with the KS demo version?

You can make your own maps and share them if you feel like it.

Here is one I put together, took me 10 mins or so and has only been slightly tested so won't be perfect.

Have that one if you like, it is a little more variation for you.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<levelmap defaultSpectre="Farm/Earth01" width="60" height="60" version="1">

<layer name="main">

<submap name="barn10" left="30" top="10" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="fallow10x10" left="30" top="0" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="grass10x10" left="20" top="0" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="RoadUD5" left="15" top="10" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="Road_TurnUL" left="15" top="15" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="5" top="15" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL3" left="6" top="15" width="3" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL5" left="9" top="15" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="14" top="15" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadUD1" left="15" top="9" width="5" height="1" />

<submap name="barn10" left="5" top="5" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="RoadUD1" left="15" top="5" width="5" height="1" />

<submap name="RoadUD3" left="15" top="6" width="5" height="3" />

<submap name="Road_TTop" left="0" top="0" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="Road_TBot" left="0" top="15" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadUD5" left="0" top="5" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadUD5" left="0" top="10" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL3" left="5" top="0" width="3" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL5" left="9" top="0" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="8" top="0" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="14" top="0" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="Road_TurnDL" left="15" top="0" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="hay10x10" left="0" top="50" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="carrots10x10" left="20" top="30" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="cabbages10x10" left="20" top="20" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="ploughed10x10" left="40" top="50" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="ploughed10x10" left="50" top="50" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="cabbages10x10" left="30" top="50" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="ploughed10x10" left="30" top="20" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="fallow10x10" left="30" top="30" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="Stone20" left="40" top="0" width="20" height="20" />

<submap name="Road_TTop" left="55" top="20" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL5" left="46" top="20" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL3" left="51" top="20" width="3" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="54" top="20" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="45" top="20" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadUD3" left="40" top="26" width="5" height="3" />

<submap name="RoadUD1" left="40" top="25" width="5" height="1" />

<submap name="RoadUD1" left="40" top="29" width="5" height="1" />

<submap name="RoadUD5" left="55" top="25" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="Road_TurnDR" left="40" top="20" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadUD5" left="40" top="30" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="cabbages10x10" left="20" top="10" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="hay10x10" left="0" top="40" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="barn_leftfield" left="20" top="40" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="carrots10x10" left="30" top="40" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="fallow10x10" left="20" top="50" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="fallow10x10" left="10" top="40" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="fallow10x10" left="10" top="50" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="barn10" left="45" top="25" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="RoadUD5" left="55" top="30" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="Road_TurnUR" left="40" top="35" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="45" top="35" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL5" left="46" top="35" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL1" left="51" top="35" width="1" height="5" />

<submap name="RoadRL3" left="52" top="35" width="3" height="5" />

<submap name="Road_TurnUL" left="55" top="35" width="5" height="5" />

<submap name="grass20x20" left="0" top="20" width="20" height="20" />

<submap name="fallow10x10" left="40" top="40" width="10" height="10" />

<submap name="grass10x10" left="50" top="40" width="10" height="10" />


<layer name="airplane.human.chinook">

<submap name="human.chinook" left="40" top="0" width="20" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.human.shrike" />

<layer name="airplane.human.valkyrie" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.lightscout" status="landed">

<submap name="alien.lightscout" left="10" top="40" width="10" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.alien.lightscout" status="crashed">

<submap name="alien.lightscout" left="30" top="40" width="10" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.alien.scout" status="landed">

<submap name="alien.scout" left="0" top="0" width="15" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.alien.scout" status="crashed">

<submap name="alien.scout" left="5" top="0" width="15" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.alien.corvette" status="landed">

<submap name="alien.corvette" left="40" top="40" width="20" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.alien.corvette" status="crashed">

<submap name="alien.corvette" left="40" top="40" width="20" height="20" />


<layer name="airplane.alien.landingship" status="landed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.landingship" status="crashed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.destroyer" status="landed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.destroyer" status="crashed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.cruiser" status="landed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.cruiser" status="crashed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.carrier" status="landed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.carrier" status="crashed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.battleship" status="landed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.battleship" status="crashed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.dreadnought" status="landed" />

<layer name="airplane.alien.dreadnought" status="crashed" />


Just copy and paste that lot into a new file in /xenonauts/assets/maps/farm and call it farm1.xml (or anything you want to call it).

It should get put into the map rotation.

*edit* Just noticed that for some reason it spawns your troops in the Chinook in reverse order so the tank is at the back.

Not sure how to fix that yet.

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*edit* Just noticed that for some reason it spawns your troops in the Chinook in reverse order so the tank is at the back.

Not sure how to fix that yet.

I don't think this is due to your map... I'm having the same problem on the default maps... It only happens sometimes. I believe whenever its nighttime, but I can't confirm that 100%. (Current Build, V14.1)

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