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How to improve throw accuracy?

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My soldiers are extremely bad at throwing grenades. It's really bad, the first two throws I did in this game was actually spot on the tile I aimed for, but I must have been lucky, because since then, oh boy it's just downhill with the grenade throwing. I don't think irl soldiers is nowhere near this inaccurate. Don't soldiers get a lot of grenade throwing training? Or even just some basic training in how to throw grenades?? Hell IM not even that inaccurate (and I never was in the military having dodged service by drawing a lucky number), and Im not even very good at throwing to begin with. It's like every second grenade they throw lands 4-5 tiles to the left/right of where Im aiming at. Sometimes it lands 4-5 tiles short of the destination. And if they are standing behind a stack of crates they may actually sometimes throw the grenade right into the crates. How the hell is that even possible to screw up a throw so much?? Every soldiers seems to do it this bad, at least it doesn't feel like there is any difference. I know this because I took a mission where I equipped half of the squad with shields and then I filled up every soldier with tons of smokegrenades and regular grenades. My strategy actually seems sound, I spot the aliens throw grenades at them, then shield off with smoke. But what completely ruins it is the horrible throw accuracy, good thing I packed like a hundred grenades for that mission :/

So Im thinking I should mod the throw accuracy to be less error prone, at least it shouldn't happen that often that throws are that much off. Is there a config file that I can edit to change this?


EDIT: I don't want to sound like a whiner here, I actually enjoy the game. And I enjoy the realistic feel, and that throwing mission actually went well, only one injured, but no deaths. The massed cover/shield/grenade/smoke strategy works; but I don't think soldiers should be that inaccurate at throwing? One of my guys bio even states he was previously royal marine(!), and he just kept throwing his grenades several meters from the aimed target ffs! lol XD


EDIT2: I still can't get reactive fire; I have shotgun sitting 4 tiles away ready with plenty of TU's but the alien just comes out of a door fires a round or a burst and goes inside again (and usually hits a soldier unless I keep the area smoked which I do since reactive fire is not happening).

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Hi ! if I recall correctly, grenade (and flare) throwing is dependent on Strength (STR) in XCE. I believe there is a thread somewhere on this forum that loosely explains how this works.

Until then, well, just hold on and keep your xenos alive ! 

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