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What Xenonauts 2 needs

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Another approach would be to ignore training mechanics and to just have the starting  stats of the recruit pool increase as the game goes on. Maybe bump recruit stats by 2-3 points per month? Maybe with a cap at 70? That would make sense logically as national armies would have troops gaining experience fighting the invasion and there should be a better pool of recruits to join the ‘nauts. 

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One thing to consider with training- what does it actually consist of? Are we just giving them a pallet of ammo and telling them to hit the range, or are we bringing in subject matter experts and giving the soldiers classroom time on xenoanatomy and where vital organs are and how their joints can and can't bend?

Things like demolitions training or medical training could make new equipment, actions or skills usable (or effective), focused drills could improve accuracy, reaction time, or other stats. Presumably the recruit pool would include some people who already had some of the more mundane training, but even specforces  typically don't all have all of the assault/sniper/medic/demolitions/lockpicking/foreign language/electronic warfare/hacking training, because by the time any one person had completed developing that many different skills it would be time to retire.

Spending somewhere between a fortnight and a month, at the pace of X1, to become eg ten times better than baseline at field treating injuries seems like a fair balance- nice enough that players want someone with that ability, and expensive enough that they can't give it to everyone.

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On 4/17/2018 at 2:10 PM, Chris said:

One thing that's not yet in the game but I've (somewhat vague) plans for is to differentiate between veterancy / combat experience and the soldier skills. The former you only gain in combat or through running field agent operations that involve the risk of injury or death, whereas the other skills can be trained up and are things like "rifle competency" (you can slowly gain experience in these on the battlefield too). I haven't figured out exactly how training works but the idea is your soldiers are continually gaining skill points towards your chosen skill provided you have available training space for them in the base, and this does not make them unavailable in any way - you've just got to ensure you have enough Training Rooms to go round.

Something like accuracy when using a gun would be split between veterancy and familiarity with the weapon - say the base accuracy for a rookie soldier is 40, and a maxed out Colonel has 60 base accuracy. But if they have Rifle Competency 1 they get +10 Accuracy and if they have Rifle Competency 3 they get +20 Accuracy.

So a rookie with Competency 1 has 50 Acc with a rifle and a Colonel with Competency 3 has 80 Accuracy. But a Colonel using an unfamiliar weapon and a rookie that has been extensively trained with a rifle (which is much faster process) both have 60 Accuracy. So hiring a rookie at the start of the game and keeping him on the reserves bench while he trains up can pay dividends if your main team starts taking casualties.

Sorry for replying to a sort-of old thread, but I just realised that what would make just as much sense would be to have recruits take more time units to do various things such as reload their weapons and take aim. You would have terrified recruits fumbling with their weapons in the heat of battle, and experienced veterans who routinely do these things since they've done it a thousand times before.

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