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A few things i would like to see in Xen 2 ground combat

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There s some stuff i would like to see to make the game more modern probably a lot of stuff have been saId.

This is basicly about ground combat but it ll eventlually overflow on other aspects.of the game.

Weaponry wise:

- (yes i know dev are looking into it) Weapon add ons (No need to make a ton of them: just RIS).

Scope (better long aim lower reflexes) or red dot (improve reflexes only "short" aim) for upper  

Laser marker

Grenade launcher (HE only is ok)


diferent kind of bullet: AP bullets (less damage/more penetration), Shredders/expanding bullets,....(So we can choose and load clips of them, exactly as grenade works in Xeno1.)

Antimateriel rifles, submachine guns, and other categories that weren t included in Xeno 1


Personel equipment:

Some kind of IR/NVG - even if it comes as advanced earth tech.


- More nades funcionality  

"Cooked" explose on impact

Not "cooked" explose at end of turn.

Nade can be thrown at doors or object (wasn t able to throw C4 at ufo doors, had to be a near square)


Gamewise improvements:

- Before we reach exotic tech, or alien tech i would like to see a development advancement in these lines:

availiable tech / Secret tech (advanced non exotic tech) / exotic earth tech/ Alien tech adapted.

-------------------/ Use of alien weaponry collected  (can use but not manufacture)/


Combat features:

- Take a corner peep without full body exposure, alien can still have reaction fire 

- Take a corner shot exactly as above put some nasty penalty but leave it open

- Possibility to lay down, decrease exposure, increase time shooting. and move layed down

- Possibility to move crouched.

- Possibility to thrown object someone else (like a medikit to someone cornered)


Another thing i miss is Panicking Alines....yes in TFTD aliens could panic it wasn t easy but it was always a pleasant fun surprise.


I think if "just" those are present i ll be happy, 


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There's already grenade launchers and SMGs in the game, and we'll hopefully have a more interesting evolution for ballistic weapons so they don't immediately become totally obsolete as soon as you get laser weapons two weeks into the game. You should also be able to throw explosives at objects this time around, not just at the ground.

The rest is less likely, I'm afraid!

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