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Xenonauts-2 Version 0.15.3 Hotfix Released!


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This version of Xenonauts 2 is a free public test build, released free because it is still an early build and we don't yet think we can justify charging for it; full details on where to get the build can be found in this thread. 

This is a second hotfix for Build V0.15.0 which we released a week ago. It contains a few crash fixes, some usability fixes, and extra destructible assets. 


  • (Hopefully) fixed a crash linked to grenades.
  • (Hopefully) fixed the issue where aliens were being spotted by your soldiers, but movement was not being correctly interrupted.
  • Removed the "Friendly Turn", as there were no friendlies and it was slowing things down.
  • Added some new damaged states for the various props inside the military base.
  • Explosion sprites are now correctly aligned with the camera.
  • Trees should appear correctly in the map - they were just invisible before!
  • The starting squad now have names rather than callsigns.

Please post up any issues you experience or any other comments in this thread. This is going to be our last build for the year, as two of the coders have now departed for their holidays and the rest of us will be drifting off over the next week and a half. We'll all be hard back at work on 2nd January - I hope everyone has a wonderful festive season and we'll bring you some new content in the new year!

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Fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest

In general:
- It is possible to stop the soldier with the space bar again.
- Enemy human soldiers make the death moan of aliens.
- Hidden movement still moves to hidden alien movement, but friendly phase removal solved the long waiting time.
- On my remark on 15.1 Hotfix version: "Missing a height level indicator to know where I am...just let me select the unit I hover over."
When I am on a higher level and click on a soldier that is on a lower level, this soldier is relected and the level jumps down correctly. This does not work for the soldier on higher levels. You have to go even higher than the soldier is to be able to click-select on the soldier so that he is selcted and the level is lowered correctly.
- After the mission ended the loading screen is seen again and stops at 90%. Had to ALT+F4 to close the game.


These two yellow circled spaces cannot be entered/selected:
cant go.jpg

Enemy units till try to go the optimum position even when this is under fire/death zone for them; five enemies try to get behind the watch tower:

Closed slide door in alien area has some visual error:
slide door.jpg

Don't know if this is only for this special setup of a house with the outside look of human barracks and the inside look of an alien facility, but it is some kind of cheating.
1) Wanted to shoot the windows to see inside, does not work poperly as the window is not an inside structure
2) You can see through destroyed wall sections from the outside, but the inside doesn't have damage then and you cannot see outside.
window.jpg wall.jpg

Selected soldier (yellow circle at bottom) is moved and I can see an enemy (yellow circle on top), soldier doesn't stop because he doesn't see it. OK, but he has no orange alien head icon. Only after I selected the other soldier (blue circle) who has a red alien head icon as he sees the enemy directly, and select the first soldier again he has an orange alien head icon.

And this as usual: recording_4.rec

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