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X-Division aircombat transfer to another mod?

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So guys im wondering and if any of the xdivision creators can chime in at all, I absolutely love the mod and the increased difficulty of the UFOs, I wanted a break from xdivision for now and felt like returning to its vanilla-ish roots with maybe the  Xpansion Pack mod, but air combat is easy its just silly. Is there a way I can select a few certain files and add them into the XXP mod and have that same increased air combat?

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In short, its impossible. You would need the experience of a developer to merge 2 games, because the files which spawn which UFO are as integrated into the game as the bones in a human body, and it wouldnt even be worth the hassle.

That is, if XXP even allows you to do that. XXP has silly code dependencies on the Fix Pack, breaking all other aircraft adding mods on top of it irreversibly. In short, its bad code, and you should stay away from it. You can still play it though.

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If you really want to have a good break from X-Division i suggest XNT, although i have no clue if that even works to begin with.

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That was fast thanks! All good I understand, I didnt think it would be as easy as swapping a file or two. Just curious, hows the mod coming along? It feels complete to me besides the occasional xenopedia entry

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Here are the upcoming changes for the next version. I think its far from complete if you know what you can change ;):

sightrange diversified:

Caesan: 22
Wraith: 30
Xenomorph: 40 ( good nose )

Sebillian: 20
Harridan: 30
Reaper: 40 ( good nose )

Androns: 24
Drones: 30
Robodog/Roborex/Roboreaper: 40 ( good mechanical nose )

@Pandi fixed the Stinkys wooden farmhouse. Many thx for finding the missing spectre
Fixed aircraft weapon position offset again. Thanks to @Pandi for pointing this out and helping to solve it
Increased Aircombat Alien Anti Fighter Missile cooldown from 0.3 to 1.5 and Heavy Fighter one from 0.3 to 0.7 . This was specifically changed to make fighting
the first interceptors more easy and not only accessible to pilots with superhuman skills or No Airgame users. For specific video footage refer to this:
https://youtu.be/9dCbMknyuxE?t=9m42s, https://youtu.be/9dCbMknyuxE?t=11m51s, and [coming]
Increased carbine/shotgun damage by 10%, except for Rail Carbine
Normalised carbine magazine capacity to a multiplier of burst options
Increased Magazine capacity +2 for every shotgun
Decreased material requirements for the MAUSER from 4 alloys to 2
Revised Reaper and Zombie mechanisms: More Powerful Reaper will now spawn more powerful zombies which will spawn the appropriate reapers. The more powerful the reaper
the faster the zombie spawns another reaper. Zombies can now be killed before they spawn a Reaper, taking them out for good. Zombie armour revised. They have good 
energy armour now but are very weak vs kinetic and fire damage
Increased moral penalty for killing civilian by +300% to further discourage friendly fire
Increased recruitments range of stat points by +20. The sum of average stats are still the same par the next change. Increased strenght stats of recruits by +10.
Phase 3 and 4 Xenomorph melee units got a boost in +10 TU and lower weapon tu useage
recoded the corvette layout, aliens should stay inside the UFO now
Experimental: Decreased Vehicle Priority by 99%
Inner UFO Walls are now destructible. We need feedback on the feeling of destructability
updated armour descriptions

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