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Corrupt Save with Community Edition and X-Division

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Hi everyone!

Im in month 2 from my ironman veteran X-division 0.99.42 playthrough, and sadly i now have a corrupted save!

I played my first ground combat mission with my second Crew on Chinhook-2. Everything went perfect when suddely the game crashes and was unresponsive during the alien turn. I even had to restart my computer. Now everytime i load the save, i get the same freeze.


I realize that im using the additional Mods of X-Division, which may have caused the problem, but maybe its a Bug in the CE too?

I installend x-div over a clean install of the steam version of the CE with the amient sounds active. I tried turing them all off, but that  didnt help either.


I read in some other thread that maybe a bugged map can cause such freezes?


I come to love Ironman, because if i play with saves the temptation to reload after a big squadwipe is often too great. So i would regret having to go back to savegame mode.


if anyone could help, i wold really appriciate it.


best regards


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