Was early backer, got game on desura, but didn't do the steam key request

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So I finally cleared things out in my life, and would like to start playing Xenonauts (yes I know, many years after buying early access which I never played!).  To my dismay, Desura is gone, Xenonauts was the only reason I had Desura in the first place.  I dug in my email and there's an email:

"Hello - you are recieving this email because you have previously pre-ordered the indie game Xenonauts. We are launching the game on Steam Early Access today, and everyone who has pre-ordered the game in the past has a Steam key available to claim.

To claim and activate your Steam key:
2) Log into your Desura account
3) Click the "Request Key" button next to Xenonauts
4) Load Steam and go to Games > Activate A Product On Steam in the topbar
5) Copy the key into Steam"


As you can see, Desura is gone and I have no way of doing this.  Is there a way for me to request a steam key?  Should I try "Contact Us"? Or is this forum the best place to ask?

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