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Well, lets get this show on the road. I'll be playing this with Seb76's UfoLoader with heavier Heavy Plasma, stackable grenades and 200 power HE packs. Edit: Heavy Plasma and Plasma Pistols have also been modified, Heavy Plasma extensively so.

It'll be on Superhuman, since every other setting makes me paranoid for some reason.


Current recruits:

Cpt. HunterHavoc - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs. Kills - 25.

Col. Dix II - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs,Medikit. Kills - 25.

Sgt. Kirmu III - Heavy Laser, HE Packs, P Pistol. Kills - 14.

Col. Assoonasitis - P Rifle, HE Packs. Kills - 45.

Col. Jean-Luc II - L Rifle, L Pistol, Stun Rod, 2 grenades, 1 Smoke, Scanner, 2 Medikits. Kills - 29.

Cmdr. Lucy Fer - L Rifle, L Pistol, 2 grenades, Scanner and Medikit. Kills - 32.

Sgt. Animal II - L Rifle, Stun rod, 1 Smoke, Scanner, Flare, Medikit. Kills - 6.

Lenina Huxley - Pistol, Stun Rod, Medikit, Flare. DEAD.

Cpt. Marren Nidth - Heavy Plasma, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 21.

Marty Marillo III - L Rifle, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 13.

Cpt. RavenX II - P Rifle, 2 grenades. Kills - 5.

Current Casualties: 17.

Casualties that count: 8.

Tanks Lost: 2.

I'll update this list as needed, with stuff in italics kit yet to be available. Inform if you want to make changes.

As for death, thinking of just having you cycle into a new recruit with a number appended, or 'possess' one of the NPC troopers if possible (your choice) and rename them.

If you want to write up in-character stories or give tips and such, feel free as long as it doesn't derail the thread too much.

(Links to stuff goes here)

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Don't need to quote my own posts

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First update

I will throw my hat in for Jolly Old... Europe. I usually start somewhere around England, for some reason. Also, we could name the base Morgenstern, because it MEANS "morning star" but is less English, and thus sounds better. Also, it is a type of mace. So there's that.


Benjamin "Assoonasitis" Glatt:

From his earliest days of recruitment, Assoonasitis has earned his nickname: first to move, first to shoot, and always itching for action, his squad mates gave him the moniker for his seeming "inflammation of 'As soon as it is possible.' " That said, he's still got a keen mind, is fast, efficient, and ready to pull the trigger at any moment, but he almost always remembers to stop and steady his aim before taking the shot.

Traits: -First to move whenever possible.

-First to shoot whenever possible.

-Fires at first alien in LoS in every mission, no matter how infeasible the shot, unless teammates are at risk of friendly fire.

-Always has TUs reserved for Auto Shot.

-Always kneels before shooting, TUs permitting.

-Always maintains his free hand. EXCEPTION: will take from his belt and throw any object, so long as it is done in one turn.

-Maintains cover and the Buddy System whenever possible.

The first three traits are negotiable (especially the moving first), but I'd appreciate maintaining the last four, please. If you'd like, please amend my load-out to have three extra clips, one electro-flare and a smoke grenade on his BELT.

I vote going for lasers first, so he can get a laser rifle ASAP. Preferred equipment is Personal or Flying Armour and Laser or Plasma Rifle. That is all.

Europe +1

Name: Europa? I always name the bases after where they are, so if Germany you could always give it a german name etc.

I like laser rifles, a lot, but my char also wants a med kit and scanner... So yeah. Laser rifles to kill dem aliens, then med kits to save our characters, then motion scanners to kill them aliens a bit more (then armour!)

I think I see a pattern...

Chapter 1: First Blood

Motto of the day: "Terra enim! Victoriae enim! Sapidum carnem Enim!"

Sathra: I...am Sathra. Newly joined to the Upper Echelons of this brand new unit known as X-com. The...something or other.

Joseph: The Extra-terrestrial combat unit. Sir.

Sathra: Really? I thought it involved the culinary arts.

Joseph: No, sir. Planetary defence. The rations are quite foul.

Sathra: Anyways, I am Sathra, the accountant of this unit.

Joseph: Sir...You're the High Commander.

Sathra: ....How?

Joseph: You're the only one who applied. Must filled out the wrong form if you wanted to be the accountant.

Sathra: Then who are you?

Joseph: Your adjutant.

Sathra: Oh...well, on with the log! This is High Commander Sathra, reporting from sunny Hungary, 60 metres below ground.


Our current base is Area 01, and we're apparently meant to defend against aliens and their culinary depravity.

*Joseph sighs*


Its still undergoing construction, as you can see.

Our current personnel are a lively group of what are apparently elite special forces soldiers. This obviously means they are the cheese-dongs of their respective units, since they're with this crack-pot initiative. Well paid though.

Joseph: Sir...you're broadcasting this is over the base comm system

Sathra: Quiet you!

Lucy Fer

lucyferequip.th.png lucyferx.th.png

Lenina Huxley

leninaequip.th.png lenina.th.png


kirmuequip.th.png kirmu.th.png


jeanlucequip.th.png jeanluc.th.png


hunterhavocequip.th.png hunterhavoc.th.png


dixequip.th.png dixj.th.png


assoonasitisequip.th.png assoonasitis.th.png

And Animal

animalequip.th.png animalg.th.png

Joseph: Memo from the science labs, they want to know what to look at first:


Sathra: Lasers! Now!

Joseph: On it now sir.

Sathra: Hmm, where was I?


We've got almost nothing in the way of equipment, and it'll take a day or so for any more to arrive. Hopefully we don't have to do anythi-


Sathra: Crap.

NB: Fun fact, Kirmu's original name was Patrick Stewart.

I also miss-spelt Joseph 10 times.

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Wicked. I actually have pretty good accuracy. Not much in the way of a spine, but I can certainly shoot things.
I'm waiting for the first screen shots featuring the Skyranger on fire due to my combination of 10 bravery and incendiary ammo.
An accountant eh? So money won't be a problem... but might have to suffer a tight schedual.

Also heard Budapest is nice this time of year.

All things considered, I believe you picked the right soldier for Animal.

High stamina, top bravery, deacent Fire acc. Reactions not the top, but then he does look through every single opening. Ok strength as well, for a rookie.

Most of them look pretty good actually.

Honestly, makes me feal like some government official waiting for the report in one of the countries. To hear about how his son did on his first mission tongue

Looking foreward to the report.

Looks pretty nice all in all Sathra. Nice setup.

And why isn't Gazz joining?


PS: Sorry for exceptionally bad spelling (I think) just really really... sleepy...

Chapter 1A: Boned

Pre-mission Roster:


Sathra: Alarms off! Flashing lights on!


Joseph: They've landed.


Joseph: What...What is this?

Sathra: The magic of friendship of course!


--------------Mission Start---------


Animal: *profanities*

Kirmu: What? Oh, smoke grenades.


Animal: Tango sighted! Kill the *vulgar slight on parentage*!

- Sathra: Why does it do that?

- Joseph: Something to do with political correctness, I suppose. I see if i can get it fixed.

*hail of gunfire later*(seriously, something like 8 auto-shots. It took 6 rifle rounds to the gut and didn't die.)

Hunterhavoc: Out of the way you *offensive term towards mentally impaired*!


Hunterhavoc: Target down!

Lucy Fer: New target! Its flying!


Dix: Got it!

(Dix and Lucy killed this one, took 3 rifle rounds)

Animal: They're in the building!



Dix: And the roof! Taking the shot!

Assoonasitis: Aim first! Like this!


(3 rifle and an AC round)

Animal: There's a bunch in here!


Lenina: Moving in to support you Animal. I think I heard one in her-


Animal: Huxley? Oh hell.

- Sathra: Why didn't it bleep that?! It bleeped moron!

- Joseph: *shrug*


Jean-Luc: *fecal reference*

Dix: Throwing grenade! (only blew up Jean-luc's body. Forgot to take a screenshot)

Animal: Found you! This is for Jean and Huxley!



Dix: Covering you from the window Animal.


Animal: Dix? Not again!


Animal: Take that you *35 second interval of anatomically improbable profanity*

On the other side of the LZ:


Lucy Fer: Found the ship. Tango 2 was guarding it. Going in!

(Floater facing away from Lucy, took 2 shots to the back, then turned around and shot her in the face.)


Lucy Fer: The light of my soul defies you! Take this cape-monkey! *floater dies to snap-shot*

(seriously, completely unharmed)

(pulled her back, brought up HunterHavoc and Kirmu, just in case)

Kirmu: Go go go!


Lucy Fer: Going in again! New target!


Lucy Fer: Target down! UFO is clear!

(only took 2 hits this time)

Animal: Clear over here too! All targets eliminated!


Sathra: Mmm, delicious victory. Time for a

Joseph: We lost nearly half the team, and this music isn't really appropriate.

Sathra: Victory is victory, Mr. Waffles.

Joseph: Mr. Waffles?

Sathra: Its your new official title.

Joseph: Sir, I...That's...*sighs* At least the scientists will be happy.


Sathra: We'll have to sell some of it first though.


Mr Waffles: Is that even legal? And are we even allowed to sell corpses?

Sathra: Its legal till we're told its not.


Mission Wrap-up:

What a rough start. Taking on superhuman floaters, at night, with starting rifles is NOT FUN. They've got alot of armour (for that period) and tend to snipe and camp buildings. Didn't help that all of them were within about 20-30 tiles of the LZ. Jean and Dix will be re-birthed in the next wave of recruits, and Marren Ridth will be joining as well.

Kill counts:

Assoonasitis - 1

HunterHavoc - 1

Animal - 2

Lucy Fer - 2

Kirmu - 0, but he did get a few hits in.


The rest made squaddie.

Trooper of the match is split between Animal and Lucy Fer. Lucy cleared the UFO by herself and took a plasma bolt to the face without a scratch. Animal spent 4 turns in the house of horrors and avenged his dead team-mates and somehow avoided being spotted at all.

Post Mission Roster:


Edit: *Profanities* Finally got the links working.

Edited by Sathra
Fixing whatnots

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Boo Ya! Man was that exciting! I was so worried what was gonna happen to Lucy, especially when I saw she got a plasma to the face! It's alright, the scars will add to her general menacing countenance (I imagine her getting power armour and putting a skull on it like Emile in HALO Reach or something)

That was one hell of a replay Sathra, this is turning out to be awesome!

Next step, squad command! =P

Great job Sathra, I've been wondering where you'd been hiding that sense of humor. smile Kudos on managing to get the genders right.

By a weird coincidence I was the only one with two characters and both ended up..."boned". tongue Perhaps dead soldiers could be referred to as incapacitated or heavily wounded to help continuity. Exp loss could be attributed to head trauma, ptsd or amnesia.

@ Kirmu: Bravery isn't that important. No-one panicked at all. Also, you didn't have any incendiary ammo. First mission was literally about 2 hours in game-time. Nothing had arrived yet.

@ Assoonasitis: Yeah, he's pretty good. Missed heaps though, funnily enough. HunterHavoc hit more than he did.

@LB: Yep, Animal has superb stats for a front-line grunt. Reactions are a bit low, but not too bad. Would have liked the heavies (Hunter, Dix and Kirmu) to have more STR. Dix is the only one with even remotely enough for a heavy. Other than that they're all pretty good.

@anotherdevil: Thanks, thinking of having Doc Martin as another one of the talking heads on the base if that's okay with you.

@Jean-Luc: Yeah, that was bizzare. They might have died to the same alien too, but can't be sure. The genders were mostly pure luck that there were enough. I don't think how exactly soldiers get re-birthed is a problem. High Commander Sathra isn't the most 'aware' or 'sane' person around, so having guys arrive in new trooper shipments with the same name and personality (or even facial features) as the dead isn't going to cause much concern. He never even asked what his adjutant's name was, and broadcast his Commander's log over the base's intercom.

Chapter 2: Housekeeping

Sathra: Mr Waffles, anything new to report?

Waffles: Yes sir, the scientists report they've completed their research.


Sathra: Yes! Death rays for everyone! Begin production now!

Waffles: We can't yet sir, it was research in applicable laser weapon theory. They still have to design an actual field weapon. A test concept has been forwarded.


Sathra: I will shave you like a marmoset, Mr Waffles.

Waffles: How does that even make sense?

Sathra: Enough your babbling Waffles, the new coffin stuffers have arrived!

Waffles: Sir! You can't say that over the base intercom! What about morale?!

Sathra: Fine fine. *clears throat* Welcome, welcome to Area 01. You have chosen, or been chosen to relocate to this fine establishment, famed for the poor quality of its rations. I thought so much of this cesspool, I elected to take ownership at the behest of our Benefactors. As your Lord Tyrant- *Waffles grabs the mic*

Waffles: Just a joke, hehe, follow the arrows to the barracks and get settled in!

...Wait a second, Jean-luc and Dix? They died last mission!

Sathra: Those are obviously call-signs Waffles.

Waffles: No, they're not. I've got their dossiers here.

Sathra: Fine, fine, I'll fix it.

Jean-Luc II

jeanluc2equip.th.png jeanlucii.th.png

Dix II

dix2equip.th.png dixii.th.png

Marren Ridth

marrenridthequip.th.png marrenridth.th.png

Sathra: Happy now?

Waffles: Putting a 2 after their names doesn't help!

Sathra: Well, now we can tell how many times they've died. Besides, Dix is a woman now, stop complaining and enjoy the view.

Waffles: *sigh* Oh, the weapons shipment has also arrived sir.

Sathra: Very good. *louder* Maybe now you plebes might stop complaining!

Waffles: *moans* Why did I let go of the mic?



(2 days later)


Sathra: So very, very bored. Waffles! Remove all the lightbulbs in the staircases and paint the stairs black!

Waffles: That was done yesterday sir. A scientist was injured.

Sathra: Fatally?

Waffles: No sir, just a broken nose.

Sathra: Serves him right for not watching where he was going.

Waffles: ...of course sir. In related news, the first laser weapon design has been completed.


Sathra: Its not very...death ray-ish. Have the scientists executed.

Waffles: You're not allowed to do that sir.

Sathra: What kind of dictatorship is this?!

Waffles: Its not a dic-...Never mind. Anyways, they've forwarded a new proposal for a more powerful version.


Sathra: Hmm, it does sound more death-ray-like. Demand they start at once. Shower privileges revoked till its done!

Waffles: I'll...I'll inform them sir. Should we start production of the pistols?

Sathra: Sure, whatever. Make a three-quarter-dozen or so.


Waffles: What?

Sathra: So where are these aliens anyways? Its boring. Maybe they're invading Brazil.

Waffles: Not according to these reports sir.


Sathra: Then where the hell are- *alarms go off*

Waffles: New contact!


Sathra: Finally! Where is it!

Waffles: Its...its...on the other side of Budapest.


Sathra: How the hell did the radar not pick that up!? Minions! On your sky-chariot! Don't return without corpses! Waffles, to the operations room! Bring the boombox!

Edited by Sathra
doop de doo

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Chapter 2A: They're like children!

Pre-mission Roster:

premissionlist.th.png gearlisting.th.png

Sathra: Mr Waffles?

Waffles: Yes?


Waffles: *sigh*


-----------Mission Start----------------


Akinori: Tank's out-Holy crap!


Danielle: High Commander gave orders about this.

sorders.th.png 71569890.th.png

- Waffles: Did you really order that sir?

- Sathra: Thought it'd be funny.

Lucy Fer: Shut your holes and get out there!

Danielle and Akinori: Yes, sir, Sergeant Scarfa- er, Fer! Sir!

Lucy Fer: *snarls*

Danielle: Found the UFO!


Lucy: Dammit pilot!

Pilot: Shutup! The commander set up the tracklist for the cockpit, and I can't turn it off!

Lucy: What does that even mean!?

Pilot: You don't want to know.

Animal: It's *penetratingly* dark out here!

Kirmu: I'll light it up!

kirmulightsup.th.png lightsup2.th.png

Animal: That works.

- Sathra: I see you didn't fix the censor.

- Waffles: I turned off 3! How many does this thing even have?

- Sathra: It'll do. For now.

Jean-Luc II: I am not taking point again.


Jean-Luc II: Last time I did, I-



Jean-Luc II: Aaah!


Jean-Luc II: *fornication*! My eyes! (hit the fence. Lucky!)

- Waffles: See! He just referred to how he died last time!

- Sathra: Character acting. Stop overreacting.

- Waffles: How the hell could that be character acting!

- Sathra: Magic probably.

Animal: Sniper! Grenades out!


Kirmu: I'll cut him off!


Assonasitis: My precious eyebrows!


(whoops. He's fine though)

Marren: Tank's under fire again!


Animal: Yeah, you *incestuous individual*, I put my grenade on a timer.



HunterHavoc: That's impossible!

Kirmu: Eat fire!




Kirmu: Its invincible! We're doomed!

Dix II: Shut it pyro. I'll get him.


Dix II: High explosive bolts. Always a winner.

(not shown, the 45 degree off angle shots)

Around the UFO:

Marren: Right, you two with the peashooters. You go in first.


Danielle: Fine, whatever. Stop poking me with that goddamn cannon.


Danielle: Crap. *fires and slams the door again* I am not going back in there again.


Marren: I heard a scream, you probably got one. Go in again or you're getting a 40mm enema.

Danielle: *pales* In again I guess.

Assoonasitis: You'll be fine rook. Lucy got out of it fine.

Danielle: Who?

Assoonasitis: Scarface.

Lucy: I heard that!


Danielle: *mic feedback* *Rapid pistol fire* Holy crap!


(hit the doorframe, soo close)

- *muffled*Sathra: Exciting, isn't it!

- Waffles: The popcorn is deeply inappropriate sir

- Sathra: Want some?

- Waffles: ...Yes.

Marren: Out of the way, I'll take it from here!


Marren: Mmm, splashy.

Akinori: Hahaha, its gun's jammed. Hey, its like some mutant kid.


Akinori: I hate kids. *vicious beating*

Jean-Luc II: Not to alarm anyone, but the tank's going postal on that barn for some reason.


HunterHavoc: Hey, tango just fell from the upper floor! I got him in my sights.


Dix II: Autocannon's don't have sights...

Hunterhavoc: Says you.


Dix II: *bovine excrement*

(seriously, crazy good shot. The other 2 passed within about a tile of the alien)

Akinori: Hey, this one just woke up! C'mere limpy!



Akinori: Goodnight Suzie.


Marren: He's funny.

Danielle and Assoonasitis: ... ...

Lucy Fer: That's 7 right?

Animal: Yeah, same as the last ship. We're done here.


- Sathra: Victory Music!

- Waffles: Will you do this every time?

- Sathra: As often as possible Mr Waffles

Animal: What the hell happened to this thing!?


Akinori: No idea boss.

Sathra: So, no prisoner?

Waffles: Sorry sir, it died due to injuries. Most of its bones were broken and it was partially cooked.

Sathra: Send it to the kitchens.

Waffles: *incredulous* Sir!

Sathra: Oh, sorry. Scientists first, then the kitchens. Can't be poisoning the troops can we?

Waffles: That's...not what I meant. We can't just eat them.

Sathra: Why not? You said it was already half-cooked. Might as well finish the job.

Waffles: It...uh...it smells terrible! Worse than what we've got now.

Sathra: Oh. Well, never mind then. Selling time!


Mmm, profit.


-----------Mission Wrap-up-------------

That went a bit better.

So much fun

Had the battlemusic playing all the time, while going through the report... quite... entertaining?

Also. I love how you opened the UFO. saw 4 aliens, 2 looking at you. Killed one and closed the door.

Opened the door again. Saw 5 aliens and 4 looking at you...

About the immortal. Usually, grenades don't do that much damage. Not that I recall anyway. Also, you should realise, that unless you hit the alien directly, they don't take much damage from incindeary shots. it's more of a "time passes while they burn" damage. Of course, I don't know how many rounds the sectoid spent standing in that inferno... Wich reminds me!!!

I had Totally Forgot the Awesome Skull on those explosions. Verry nice picture!

With the first song I was going to ask... but now with the victory music, I'll have to rephrase the question to a "Please... Don't tell us where you get the music. Don't... Please?"

On a side note


I'm curious Sathra. Is it entertaining to play like this as well?

Well, I don't usually use incendiaries at all, but that sectoid did get hit by one of them. It was only in there for 1 turn though. They're much more useful in Apoc, due to the whole "near instant panic" effect they have.

Fire damage is really...weird in X-com 1. I think it does ignore armour though, but it does less than 10 points of damage a turn or something. They do take impact damage apparently every time an IN shell/rocket explodes though. Regardless of where it actually lands. That's been fixed with the loader I'm using though, but might still have the bug where hits with IN weapons don't count for XP purposes though. Kinda nerfs them, I'll have to turn it off, since currently impact damage is only checked once (when they get set on fire) I think.

Looks hilarious though. Lone sectoid in a field of fire, smoke and scorched earth.

Its pretty fun. Barring the AC's, its pretty much how I normally play. A bit sloppy, but no laser rifles so not much point.

I have very, very broad taste in music. Heh, coconuts.

RofL, that's a good read right there. Sathra, your leadership skills here remind me of Captain Murphy from Sealab 2021 big_smile
rofl - very nicely done, Sathra - that motto suits your leadership perfectly smile. I'm grateful for the whole re-incarnation thing, I really am, but... have you ever tried to explain to your wife of many years how you came home from the office half a foot shorter and 32c? (my portrait looks androgynous as hell, so I'm either in denial or else death has made me a goth).

I'm think I'm going to go slightly postal with my auto-canon on the next alien I see big_smile

(Also: how did i never notice that the explosions in X-Com are giant skulls of fire?? Was I the only one here to miss something so awesome?)

Edited by Sathra

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Oh come on! The forum really hates this LP.

Picture limit, and apparently some of the updates are 'too long'.

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I'm pretty sure the original LP was just a ploy for you to get more posts than me, so I have limited sympathy...

But which specific options are causing you trouble? I can fix them up if needed.

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I'm pretty sure the original LP was just a ploy for you to get more posts than me, so I have limited sympathy...

Ha ha too true! So that's how Sathra did it =p I posted this on the old one, but Cobra Commander wants to beat those inferior snakemen up!

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Specifically, there's an image limit of 4 per post. But I'm pretty sure that can be changed.

What I'm more worried about is the character limit. Its 10,000 or so, and when I was trying to copy over Chapter 3, it turns out that just the chapter alone, with no extra quotes, is over 10k. And its about average size. At least half of them are as long, if not longer. Including the 2 part updates!

If it can't be fixed....could always start a new one? :D

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Just keep going from where we are, after all those who care will have been keeping up. You can always restart another one later! (TFTD? or Apocalypse?)

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Might as well put it up to a vote! I'll have to wait till the image limit is increased to continue anyways.

So, various random people who care, what shall I do?

1. Continue and leave most of the LP in the darkness of oblivion?

2. Start again with a different game?

Different game will probably be TFTD or Apoc.

Edit: Hup, nevermind. I'll just keep going.

Edited by Sathra
answering my own question

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Alright, character limit up to 25,000 and 40 images per post now.

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Good to know! Might as well continue copying stuff over.

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Chapter 3: Karma?

*5 quiet days later*

Waffles: Sir? Siiir! Where are you!?

Sathra: In the new storeroom Waffles. I'm painting!

Waffles: Really? What are you-OH GOD WHAT'S THAT STENCH!?

Sathra: I'm painting an anti-alien mural on the wall! With alien!

Waffles: Oh god, I have to get out of here! *runs off retching*

*several noisy minutes later*

Sathra: I don't see why you had to make such a mess. Those poor janitors.

Waffles: *hoarsely* How could you stand the smell!? It was like death and shit and turpentine and strawberries and lilacs and...and...poop.

Sathra: Yeah, it smelled pretty bad when I was mixing it. That's why I added the lilacs.

Waffles: You don't deal with boredom well sir, do you?

Sathra: Not really. Seriously, where be the alien up at...to...with? Shizzle!

Waffles: What? Never mind, that's why I came to find you. We detected one coming in over the north sea towards Germany. Interceptors are en-route.


Sathra: Oh, off to the operations room then. Mind the vomit, some people can be so inconsiderate.

Waffles: Uh, yes sir. I...agree.

-------Operations Room---------

Sathra: So pilot, you there yet?

Pilot: Target nearly in range sir. Any operational orders?

Sathra: Charge, I guess?

Pilot: Is that wise sir?

Waffles: Pilot, the cockpit's music player starts as soon as you get into range, and doesn't turn off till your target is down. The High Commander selected the tracks.

Pilot: ...Charge it is then.


Sathra: Waffles, are you saying I have bad taste in music?

Waffles: ...Yes. Yes I am sir.

Sathra: Oh, very good then. Just wanted to be sure.

(several minutes later)

Pilot: *screaming* Target's down! Enough with the coconuts!


Sathra: Send the troops. AND WHERE'S MY BOOMBOX!

Waffles: It...it was accidentally...left on the jet's launchpad.

Sathra: Damn. Have to use the base intercom then.

Waffles: *whimpers*

Sathra: So...new pistols loaded up?


Waffles: Yes sir, what was available. We really need more engineers.

Sathra: Need to get the new living quarters done first. Maybe a mural....

Waffles: NO!

Sathra: Why not?!

Waffles: Because...Oh look! They've landed!



Waffles: o.O

----------------Mission Start----------------

Lucy: So, laser pistols eh?


HunterHavoc: Looks weird. They aren't going to explode....right?


Lucy: How would I know? We'll ask when we get back.

- Waffles: They are safe, right?

- Sathra: *shrugs*

Kirmu: Aaah! My eyes! Plasma fire!

Danielle: What? Its just the sun you troglodyte! Wait, alien!


Akinori: Tank! Fire!


Jean-Luc II: Did it get it?


Danielle: Er....yes. Hot LZ!


- Sathra: Ahahaha!

(you can guess the result)

Animal: Move out!

Akinori: Kid in the distance! Firing!


Animal: That's an alien Aki, and why did you fire if you thought it was a kid?

Akinori: Alien, kid. Same diff.

Lucy: Found the UFO. Looks fine.


Dix II: At least we're not next to it this time.

(lies, it was a field away. Damn pilot, though the door was on the far side thankfully)

Lucy: Alright troopers, move u-*feces*!


Lucy: Goddamn tank! What is wrong with this thing!

- Waffles: Why did it do that?

- Sathra: I changed the pathfinding. Now it makes it own way, as we all must in life.

- Waffles: You're insane.

- Sathra: My official record disagrees. I should know, I wrote it.

Kirmu: Hey, hay bales! FIRING!


Dix II: Huh? Well, when in Rome.


Animal: You spooked one! Nice work!

Akinori: *aargh*


Akinori: How dare you!


Animal: Open fire!

*massed gunfire*

Jean-Luc II: Bang! Got it!


Danielle: I see another one! C'mon laser!


Hunterhavoc: Heh, his head fell off. Its like a cartoon.

Lucy: Right. Moving up! At least all this smoke is being helpful, even though I really wish the tank would stop firing at stuff randomly!


Animal: And we'll flank from here.


Marren: Sniper!


Marren: Aaargh! My leg!

Animal: Find it!

(Plasma shot destroys door next to Animal)

Animal: That was too close. It's in the field!


Animal: Got it.

Lucy: Did you hear a door?


Danielle: I'll check. Yep, door. Give it a kick and-Whoah!



Danielle: Scared the *feces* outta me!

*huge explosion*

Lucy: What the *fornication* is wrong with that tank!


- Sathra: The soul of wit.

- Waffles: *mutters* I'm working with a madman.

- Sathra: Akinori's not that bad. Terrible experiences in childcare I understand.

- Waffles: Huh? Oh...um....Ok? I'll be more...open-minded?

- Sathra: See that you do.

Akinori: Dizzy. Pistol....heavy.

(threw it to Jean-Luc II actually)

Lucy: Clear the channel psycho! Pistols out, its cramped in here.


Assoonasitis: Don't have one sir, weren't enough to go around.

Lucy: Well, rifle then. Havoc, go with him. Dani, with me, we'll take this side.

Assonasitis: Another door here, *excrement*!

(missed with taking the pics, but Assoonasitis dropped a sectoid as it walked out, then another one walked in and out from the same room.)

Hunterhavoc: Not getting away from me!


Other door

Danielle: So who goes?

Lucy: You, its what you got your stripes for.

Danielle: I hate you all.


Danielle: So much.



Lucy: Got the other one!

(And everything in the vicinity. Thankfully the console didn't explode, they're worth a bit)

Assoonasitis: Got another one over here!


Hunterhavoc: He's still up! Covering!


Assoonasitis: I shot it in the face!

Hunterhavoc: Aim for the crotch, I do.


Akinori: *gasp* Now *urinate* on the bodies!

Danielle: Aren't you dead yet Aki!?

Argh! Plasma!


Lucy: You're fine. Same thing happened to me first mission.

Lucy: Wotcher, bugeyes.


Animal: That's it people! Marren! Got the triage kit?

Marren: Why the hell did you order me to get it?! My leg's got a hole in it!

Animal: Well, you needed it, and everyone else was sweeping.

Marren: Bastard.

Dix II: That farmer ain't going to be happy.

Lucy: Seriously, does anyone know what's wrong with the tank? It only stopped when it ran out of ammunition. Most of the farm's on fire!

Kirmu: Pretty though.

- Sathra:

- Waffles: *shudders*

-----------Back on base--------

Sathra: I'll see what they brought back.

*loud gunfire*

????: Stop shooting!

*Waffles runs out of the op center*

Waffles: Doctor Martin? Commander, why are you firing at the floor?

Sathra: Youthful exuberance?

Doc Martin: What is wrong with you?!

Waffles: I ask that every day.

Sathra: I give a different answer every time too!

Doc Martin: What?

Waffles: Its true, he does. He's started screaming it at me to wake me up in the morning.

Doc Martin:....Derangement aside, I've got the medical reports for Squaddies Fujimoto and Nidth.

Sathra: Who?

Waffles: *aside* Akinori and Marren. Sir.

Sathra: Oh. What's the report?

Doc Martin: Marren's femur was bisected, vapourised looks like, and there's massive tissue damage in the area. The only reason he didn't bleed to death was because all the flesh for an inch around the wound was...melted.


He'll be laid up for 3 weeks or so.

Waffles: 3 weeks? You're kidding.

Doc Martin: Not at all. We don't have any medical oversight observers, and with the stuff we ripped out from the Floaters...

Sathra: Bored, what about Aki?

Doc Martin: Squaddie Fujimoto? He's in a bad way. Most of his torso was melted and his heart had to be replaced. Month and a half.


Waffles: Wait, what? Heart?

Doc Martin: It fell on the floor. We had a spare though. These alien cybernetics are really user-friendly.

Waffles: That's...you....but....you can't do that!

Doc Martin: No one said I couldn't.

Sathra: That's true. I approve this course of action retroactively.

Doc Martin: Thank-you sir. If you'll excuse me, I've got some electro-muscle to implant. *walks off whistling*


Sathra: Selling time!

-----------Mission Wrap-up-----------

Whoohoo! Explosions! 3/4 of the map was smoking craters and/or on fire. I find it amusing that the two 'monster' characters were the ones who got injured. Not to mention that Danielle went through the 'Lucy Fer Experience' as well, with Lucy standing right next to her. Obviously not a coincidence.

Kills this mission:

Danielle - 3. Still won't die.

Lucy Fer and Hunterhavoc- 2

Akinori, Animal, Assoonasitis, Jean-Luc II -1

And the tank killed another.

No promotions this time.

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....user friendly cybernetic alien implants? I am in awe of your twistedness, Sathra.

(does this mean the automated, psychotic, Commander Sathra-programmed tank will now identify them as Floaters and shoot on site?)

I vote to call the squad the Coffin Stuffers, in honor of our gloriously manic (ie, frickin' nuts) leader - any takers?

@RavenX See... Now you made me spend most of my evening looking up episodes of Sealab 2021.

I must agree though: Both leaders are using the same aproach to command. Though Murphy managed to blow up their base in pretty much every single episode (How it was there again the next, I never found out.). Sathra haven't gotten close to such an accomplishment, yet.

Though mabye that has something to do with the amount of sane people living on this *click*

Researcher Sweety: Hello Nurse Pam

Nurse Pam: Sorry, no time Sweety. Medical emergency! One of the patients had a bad reaction to Doc Martins experiment with alien implants. And is floating 2 meters above the bed!

... *click* scratch that last sentence...

@Sathra Nice update. Looks like the team is comming together nicely. (Oh, and I love what you did for the colour of the doc. Was about to use him, but then... he is your character. If you want to use these two, I can give you the colours. By the way. Is it that way with all the colours you are using?)

@Dix Sure, The Coffin Stuffers. Don't have anything better.

Hehe the coffin Stuffers sounds good.

The squad sure is coming together, I'm surprised at the low number of casualties considering the commander clearly has a screw (or three) loose tongue

Coffin Stuffers it is! Even got a battlecry thought up.

High Commander Sathra doesn't actually command in battle. At all. Or, at least, he hasn't had to yet. tongue Everyone's been really lucky too, these past 2 missions.

Doc Martin is actually anotherdevil's character that I'm using since...well, there isn't much place for a medic on the X-com battlefield. Didn't know how I was going to do with him, then I watched the 'Meet the Medic' video and it all came together.

You can keep those two, I think I've got enough talking heads so far. Not sure what you're asking about the colours, I just picked colours that are easy to see on the black background. And so its easier to see who the heck is talking.

Coffin Stuffers

I'm not opposed to this. smile And yay, Jean-Luc finally killed something other than himself. tongue

The battle/victory music is great (especially the My Little Pony "remixes").

HunterHavoc wrote:

I'm surprised at the low number of casualties considering the commander clearly has a screw (or three) loose tongue

If that was me playing on superhuman everyone would be dead by now.

Chapter 4: BAAAARRRN!

Waffles: Are you sure its safe to use alien tech in our soldiers?

Sathra: Absolutely no idea. We'll find out soon enough though. Looking forward to it.

Waffles: Er...that's a....way....to look at it.

Sathra: I don't see why you have to be so....so...sassy about things.

Waffles: Sassy? Don't you mean-*alarms go off*

Sathra: Launch ships! To the operations room!


(two missions in 1 day. fun times)


*in the med lab*

Marren: What the hell is that?

-------------Mission Start--------------

Danielle: Hot LZ!


Hunterhavoc: No its not!

Danielle: Force of habit.


Animal: Move out Coffin Stuffers! They don't fill themselves!

- Waffles: What?! Sir, did you-

- Sathra: They thought it up themselves. Shows enthusiasm in the best Bushido style.

- Waffles: *mutters* Its contagious.

Lucy: Goddamn it Pilot!


Pilot: Shutup!

Animal: Alien spotted!

Hunterhavoc: What is it?

Animal: Spare parts.


Toshio: In my sights.


Toshio: Love these laser pistols.

*enormous explosion*

Lucy: Here we go again.


Hunterhavoc: Found another one! Firing!


Dix II: Its still up! I'll get it!


Kirmu: It got up again! I'll finish it! With FIRE!


(Funky fire fix has been turned off. Have fun Kirmu)

Lucy: To the ship!

Hunterhavoc: Here Assoon, take my pistol. I'm in a good spot.

Assoonasitis: Er...thanks?

Danielle: In you go rook. I'll cover you.


Toshio: Hate.


Toshio: Clear. Moving up. Bastards.

Assoonasitis: Not yet *crack*. Now it is.

(one woke up again, Assoon finished it off. Forgot to take a pic)



Animal: Good idea!


Animal: Hah! Found ya!


(it fired at the tank)

Christel: I got it!


(Animal fired 2 bursts before her. Both bursts missed. By centimetres)

Dix II: Clear over here. No aliens.

Animal: You sure?

Hunterhavoc: Pretty sure.


Lucy: Move in! Clear em out!

Danielle: Fine. Goddam-ALIEN!


Assoonasitis: Got your back Dani.

Lucy: All clear here. Cap?

Animal: Looks like it. Hard to see over the fire, rubble and smoke though, but I assume so.


Jean-Luc II: Kinda light on crew, weren't they?

- Sathra:

--------------Back at base------------

*The follow occurs over 8 days of boredom, interspersed with periods of terror*

Sathra: All that shiny crystal stuff takes up alot of room. (200 Elerium so far :D)

Waffles: Agreed. We'll expand the base.


(also added a workshop later on)

Waffles: Xenoprison's up and running sir.

Sathra: With the additions I ordered?

Waffles: Yes sir. Speakers ready to "entertain" the prisoners.

Sathra: Excellent.


Waffles: Engineers have finished. They're all in the showers now. Thank God.


Sathra: Eh, that's not news. They're not Death-rays.

Waffles: About that....


Sathra: Hot damn! Begin production at once!

Waffles: The scientists have ideas for an even bigger version too.


Sathra: Hmm.

Waffles: Or they could start on some of the alien tech and other projects.



Sathra: Let me think about this, and get back to you.


Nice neat mission. Half the map on fire or smoking rubble. Burnt down to the bedrock (that's why the barn floor is red for Christel's kill).

Kill counts:

Toshio,Assoonasitis - 2

Christel, Kirmu - 1

Only promotions were Toshio and Christel to Squaddie.

New research! So what'll it be?

-Plasma weapons (I'll start with pistols)

-Continue with laser tech (remember, the HL is like an MG now, with its own code. You can actually *hose* an area with it.Link. About halfway down the page.)


-Motion Scanner


-Alien Grenade

-Mind Probe

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Hmm, heavy laser could actually be useful now that it has burst but maybe some utility items are in order.

How about medkit - armour - heavy laser?

Agreed - itching for some heavier firepower, and those new fire modes sound perfect... but survival comes first smile
I'm curious to see the HL with burst mode as only ever played EU vanilla.

I'd say either the HL or working towards personal armour.

On research, I'd say:



Laser tech (as soon as we start on the alien tech, we'll need something to have our slav*cough* engineeers working on)

@Jean-luc: These early missions aren't that hard really, barring the first one (night, floaters, cramped, blek). They'd be much harder without all the pistols though.

Although...the end of the month is coming up, so we'll see what happens big_smile.

Oh and I don't like having to say this, but I did have to save-scum once in that last mission. Kirmu managed to kill himself, due to funky fire being enabled again. He somehow managed to shoot the fence he was standing next to in the middle of a burst, and killed himself. That's because funky fire means every time an IN shell detonates, anything standing in fire, or on fire will take impact damage again. He basically shot himself twice.

Any X-com unit standing in smoke also takes stun damage when IN shells detonate as well. Doesn't affect aliens though.

He's not gaining any accuracy XP either, since IN ammo doesn't count, unlike HE.

Yeah, fire is weird.

Might want to reconsider his loadout, but up to Kirmu.

Yeah, took a while to figure out what happened.

Boom, boom boom.


Me: What the hell was that? *scroll over* How the heck? *dead body in puddle of flames*

He hasn't gained any stat increases since the first mission either, I checked. Since all stat gains are based on shooting or blowing up aliens (or panicking for bravery), the only stat-roll he's gotten was for injuring that floater in the first mission.

Check it:

dixiicheckit.th.png kirmucheckit.th.png

Very similar aren't they. Problem is, Dix II has only injured 2 aliens (floater in CH4, sectoid in CH2), while Kirmu has been hitting aliens since the first mission (well, except CH3). He should be noticeably better, especially in STR.

EDIT: Medikits it is, with armour then HL.

Okie dokie, Just a quick update.



Large Radar and new Lab complete. Started building another Living Quarters to go with the Workshop started in the last update.


Medikits research completed and production started

Another Large Scout recovery. Engine blew, so no Elerium for us. Danielle picked one off through a window as she came off the Skyranger.


Jean-Luc II got 2 kills with some long range burst fire. Smoking rubble is from Dix II opening up on a hedge and finding JL II's second victim. Animal also assisted by shredding walls with laser fire to clear fire paths.


Animal watching over his charges. (HE packs are my favourite weapon :D)

Toshio not having a good day.


He managed to kill 2 of them, then....


HunterHavoc managed to kill 2 sectoids in one burst.


(the two on the upper left, one's already dead, the other is dying)

Christel moved in and avenged Toshio's death, neatly coring his killer.


Too bad there were 2 more hidden in the smoke. The above is footage of her last moments, moving out to clear a shot for the rest of the Breacher team.

Danielle avenged her, and Hunterhavoc took out the last one.



Not bad, Large Scouts with blown engine rooms are pretty much deathtraps. Especially with high reaction foes like sectoids.

NPC troops don't really count of course :P.


Jean-Luc II and Danielle - 2

Hunterhavoc - 3

Toshio and Christel got 2 and 1 respectively, but died the same turn, the expendable failures.

Captured our first Small Launcher too.


And last of all, its the 29th of January so...


Its probably going to be Sectoids, so this'll be hilarious. (DF style hilarious)

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Chapter 5: For the sake of lucre!

Sathra: What's wrong with the alarm? Its very distracting.

Waffles: Its...I have no idea.

Sathra: Aren't you meant to know this stuff?


Sathra: Oh, alright then. But quickly, that crate of weasels won't reseal itself.

Waffles: *mutters* Just ignore it, just ignore it, just ignore it.

--------------Operations Room--------------


Waffles: Oh....crap.

Sathra: What? Weasels?!

Waffles: What? No! Its a Terror strike!

Sathra: They're....shooting dirt at us?

Waffles: That's a stretch and you know it.

(realised that joke doesn't work so well without an Aussie accent)

Sathra: Yeah....So, what is it?

Waffles: Aliens are attacking a town, killing civilians. We have to stop them.

Sathra: *petulant* Do we haave to? I hated that movie.

Waffles: o.O. ...Er, our funding will be cut back if we don't?


Waffles: Very good sir. Right away.

Sathra: Battle Music!

Waffles: Dragonforce?

Sathra: I shall need all my powers for this battle. MONEY IS AT STAKE!

--------------------Mission Start----------------------

0medikitsandmorelaserri.th.png 1newfodder.th.png

Waffles: Medikits were loaded up on the 'Ranger, with a full complement of Laser Rifles.

Sathra: Deathrays.

Waffles: Sorry, full complement of Deathrays. Also, they've landed.



Animal: Go on rook. This ain't a stealth mission.

Neil: Okay sir.


Animal: Tank! AET mode! GO!


Neil: Are you okay guy?

Civilian: Haflabbadda ubblda sqeeee!?

(damn, missed him!:P)


Animal: Tank's got a target!

Lucy: Bugeyes?

Animal: Nah, Pinkies. Get 'im rook!


Neil: I...I killed it!

Jean-Luc II: Settle down rookie, or it'll be your only kill.

Henri: They not so tough. Moving into building. Hey, what's tha-


Dix II: So much for him.

Danielle: Cold. True though.

Lucy: Shut up, natterholes! They're moving in!


Lucy: Wow. That's alotta steam.


Danielle: My turn! Whoah, no kidding. This'n popped like a jacket potato.

(The one Lucy killed, Neil actually tried to kill first. 4 bursts, every single shot missed. What a fail.)

Kirmu: Moving up to firing position! Ah, *sand*, under fire!


(lucky escape, it hit the chair he was crouching behind)

- Waffles: What the heck?

- Sathra: The censor bored me, I switched it out for one that swaps in random words.

- Waffles: How!?

- Sathra: I'm the High Commander, I have all the codes.

- Waffles: Then why...2 days wasted....*sigh*

Kirmu: Take this!


Jean-Luc II: You missed him with HE ammo? Good thing I have your back.

(Yeah, I swapped out Kirmu and Hunterhavoc's ammo out for HE, thought it was going to be Sectoids)

Jean-Luc II: Whoops, spoke too soon. Now you're safe.


(Jean-Luc II killed both of the Floaters on the left side in one turn.)


Lucy: Neil! Make sure they're dead before you call it!


Neil: Ah *soup*, DIE!

(Took him a couple bursts, damn rookies)

Animal: What the hell is that!


Hunterhavoc: Target locked. Let's try these boomers.



Hunterhavoc: That was easy.

Lucy: Tank's under fire!


Animal: It's spotted one in the house!


Lucy: It's throwing something!


Lucy: Nevermind. Stupid pinkie.

(ahahaha. First alien grenade attack and it vapes itself!)

Lucy: There's the one that shot the tank! Firing!


Lucy: And another! Its a strongpoint!


Hunterhavoc: No kidding. Firing!


Animal: Tank's spotted a new one!


Assoonasitis: Time to shine.


Dix II: So that sniper badge isn't just for show eh?

Sathra: Kirmu, fire into that gas station, we need a cover story.

Kirmu: Sir?

Sathra: Don't question me! I have weasels! And you have to sleep!



- Waffles: Sir! I know the troops are...indiscriminate...but this!

- Sathra: I checked the Charter just now. We're under standing orders to do this. CoFN's idea. Easier to say it's insurgents if there's some major damage.

- Waffles: *reads* I'm not sure what's more shocking. That you're right, or that you read the Charter?

- Sathra: WEASEL! *gunfire*

Animal: Move up! Clear 'em out!

Hunterhavoc: Pinkie spotted! Firing!


Dix II: So, we can wreck what we want? Sweet!


Dix II: Aaaah! Misfire! Misfire!

Animal: Oh, god, your face!


- Waffles: Wait, what's he doing with the medikit. Is that a por-

- Sathra: Not now Waffles!


Kirmu: There is no way that's safe.

Kirmu: Hey, its up again!


Kirmu: Explosives, don't fail me now!


(he barely caught it in the blast of the last bolt. He really needs firing xp lol)

Jean-Luc II: Smoke shifted, new target! Firing!


Assoonasitis: Hey, I'm the sniper!

Jean-Luc II: So am I. Well, was.

Danielle: Clear over here Cap!

Animal: Moving up!


Animal: No its not!

Danielle: Holy hell!


Danielle: You try seeing anything in all this smoke!

Neil: Hey, this one's cowering.


Animal: Zap it! I mean stun!


Neil: Got it! Looks like a pilot...


Animal: How the *fuschia* do you know that?

Neil: Its got some kind of map thing on its arm. That and it's still got the pilot rig on its....head. area.

Animal: Hmm, well, we'll leave it up to the eggheads. Grab it. Clear?

Hunterhavoc: Clear here!

Lucy: Clear here too!

Danielle: Nothing but rubble and fire here. By the way, these bowsers are really jetting flames now, we...should....RUN!



----------Back at base----------


Waffles: About the medikits sir, I'm sure I saw the Captain plug it int-

Sathra: Enough Waffles! Its above your clearance! I have weasels to hunt!

-----------------Mission Wrap-up-----------------

Nice and neat sums this up (ignore the smoking rubble). I kicked myself when Henri got killed. I should have known better, that house module is a major spawn area (case in point, the 'Strongpoint' was the same module)

Floaters was a bit of a let-down, since its been a while since I've had to deal with Psi-attacks since you can get MC labs and screened troops before you start fighting Tasoths in TFTD. They're the main psi-race, and Aquatoids (the other major psi-race) don't do missions much past the first month, and the first terror mission is Gillmen 95% of the time.

Got a live Reaper and Floater Navigator from this mission. Navigator was funny, after all those aliens in the Strongpoint got killed, a big "Floater Navigator has Panicked!" message popped up, and the tank spotted it running. Neil spent the next 5 turns or so chasing it down in a scene you could put Yakkity Sax to.


Lucy, Jean-Luc II - 3

Hunterhavoc - 2

Kirmu, Assoonasitis, Danielle, Neil - 1

I have no idea why that suiciding Floater got credited to us. Lack of anywhere else to put it maybe?

No promotions, besides Neil to Squaddie.

Marren Nidth rejoins the team in 3 days. Akinori is still out for another 27 days or so. Thanks to the medikit, Dix II is only going to be in Medical for 1 day, but she ain't gonna be winning any beauty pagents.

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...I blew up my face? I really need some accuracy points.
It was that traitorous knee-high hedge tongue. Funny though.

Another short update.

New month, so we get a review of how stuff's going:


The CoFN is quite happy.


Some more base expansion (the Elerium is really piling up).


Just one contact so far. Floater large scout. Dix II and Marren were still in medical for this one.


8s7assoongothim.th.png 9s7rangecheck.th.png

Assoonasitis keeping up the sniping.


Danielle finally died, but that farmhouse will with be her.


Kirmu took out her killer.

(Damn floaters. Anything else would have fallen and been a much easier target)


Yet another Navigator.


Jean-Luc II takes Danielle's place as Sergeant, although he won't be breaching quite as much.

On the research side of things:


We got armour!


And Mega-Deathrays!

So....what will we research now?

-Plasma tech.

-continue with laser tech (cannon and the tank next)

-Research that Navigator for HWD.

-Small Launcher

-Alien Grenade

-Motion Scanner

-Power Armour (which leads to hovertanks and new ships)

-Or something ridiculous like Mind probes or that Reaper.

Oh, might be about time to consider build another base too. 4 mil is enough to get a good start. Here's the graph:


Awaiting replies. Remember, what tech to research and opinions on starting a new base (and location and name if so).

I'd say start working on power armour and then laser tanks on the research front.

As for base location, going by the graph most new activity outside coverage seems to be in Asia. Setting up a new base in North East India might be a good idea as it'll give coverage of central and S.E Asia, the middle east and a good chunk of Russia. I'll leave names up to you.

Prob worth scouting the area for an alien base as well as that's quite high activity around there.

And keeping with my tradition of forgetting to ask everything in a single post...

Who wants to be equipped with a Heavy Laser? (a.k.a Mega-Deathray.)

If my strength is high enough to carry one with decent TUs left I'm willing to give it a shot. Not tried one with the burst fire mod before.
Power Armour, then plasma weapons. Having the base in Asia makes sense, with America as a secondary vote.

Also - I claim medical benefits: a shiny new Heavy Laser (the desire to be able shoot Doc and/or weasels before they do too much damage is simply coincidence. Honest. tongue)

Oh man. I feel soo ashamed now.

Skipped ahead a bit to try out the HL, its a bit odd. There isn't actually a snap-shot mode, and you can only fire it every 3-4 turns or so (costs energy, which regains at a rate dependent on your base TU.). You'll be able to kill damn near anything with it though. You'll be armed with a pistol alongside it to deal with the whole "recharge" issue. Or just have someone juice you up with stimulants all the time.

Anyways, turns out I've been playing with an old version of the loader. Biggest change, I can see how much money I've got without going into the base screen!

Edit: Fixed some info.

hmm - I was wondering about the energy required section in the HL description. Doc could implant some elerium batteries.. actually, scratch that. He doesn't need encouraging. Maybe we can bribe a new recruit to follow & juice HL users as needed, by offering them immunity from breaching? wink

Either way, given my track record with explosives, I'll try the HL.

I really don't think plasma is very important atm, we just got new weapons and lasers are really good. Better than plasma in many aspects. Motion scanner would be more useful imo and maybe something to enhance the interceptors (laser canon?). Disect/interrogate some aliens as well. My vote in any case.
Ok, so currently its a base in Asia (northern china is good actually due to HWD range).

For research, its currently Power Armour then Laser Cannon/Tank.

Alien base is doubtful, its only the second month. That's more a March-April thing (TFTD however...). If there was a base mission, the line would be nearly vertical. It only seems so high since we've only had 7 or so contacts.

That's true, I'm playing through TFTD at the moment and got the two of them confused lol

Unbelievable the number of bases the aliens build in that game. It's a full time job just keeping them under control. Came across my first alien base around about the start of February!

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February Status Update

Sathra: So...how are the troops shaping up Waffles.

Waffles: I've got the dossiers right here sir.


animalequip2.th.png animalstats.th.png

Lucy Fer

lucyequip2.th.png lucystats.th.png


assoonequip2.th.png assoonstats.th.png

Jean-Luc II

jl2equip2.th.png jl2stats.th.png

Marty Marillo

martyequip.th.png martystats.th.png

Dix II

dix2equip2.th.png dix2stats.th.png


havocequip2.th.png havocstats.th.png


kirmuequip2.th.png kirmustats.th.png

Marren Nidth

marrenequip2.th.png marrenstats.th.png

Waffles: As you can see, they've been improving quite well. The armour has been well received, especially by Sergeant Hunterhavoc.

Sathra: Oh yes, he would be. Anyways, the new base?

Waffles: Entry lift has been finished, and we've started on the rest. Why'd you name it that?


Sathra: Dragon's nest was taken. Brothel I think. Anyways, did the scientists finish looking at that shiny stuff?

Waffles: They....well, they won't shut up about it frankly.


Sathra: Oh, why's that?

Waffles: If I understand their babbling correctly, this 'Elerium' has incredible possibilites. Also, they blew up part of Lab 2.

Sathra: Did any of them die?

Waffles: No sir, they're all fine.

Sathra: Damn.

Waffles: Riiight. Back on topic, what's incredible was that they were using an electron microscope to look at it at the time. They found bits of the 'scope in the the living quarters. A tiny sliver did that.

Sathra: So....its an explosive?

Waffles: Its a fuel of some kind. They found it in the ammunition of the alien weapons, the engines of the UFO's, those orb things the aliens keep bringing with them, even in some of the cybernetics in their bodies.

Sathra: So...what can we do with it?

Waffles: They're not sure yet. The scientist are looking at the engines now, to see how the aliens utilise it without blowing it up.

Sathra: Why not the weapons or cybernetics?

Waffles: Too intricate apparently. The engines are much larger and easier to study in detail.

Sathra: Well, as long as they don't blow up the base. Is that all?

Waffles: Yes sir.

Sathra: Alright. Now, the battle reports?

Waffles: Sir? You were there. You were keeping the soldiers updated.

Sathra: Well, I want to hear them again.

Waffles: Er...ok sir. I'll get the reports.

Sathra: Don't worry about that, we'll watch the drone recordings.


Missions up next. They're all scouts or one kind or another, so they'll all be in one post.

A warm welcome to MickeyC and his trooper Marty Marillo. He's gotten a few kills, and also hasn't died, which is pretty good.

As you can see, I really like HE Packs. And yet, there still aren't enough. Kitted out everyone above Squaddie with pistols too, just for the look (Animal's never used his).

Also, the HL's are pretty cool, very accurate. They're taking some getting used to, since they work best from a set-up position. I'll get used to them soon enough.

Oh, and I think I'll start yet another base for storage purposes. We're at 300 elerium now. Been getting mostly landed UFO's, and only a couple of the splashdowns' engines blew.

Edit: Make that 400 Elerium.

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Chapter 6: Same old, same old

Waffles: Okay, recordings ready to start.

Sathra: Very well.

Waffles: Must you?

Sathra: I must.

---------------Mission Overview----------------


0contact8.th.png 1largescout.th.png

Waffles: We've classed this UFO as a Large Scout. They seem to be some kind of standard fleet unit, or maybe a heavy fighter. Either way, the aliens use alot of them.


Animal: Go on rook, off you go.

Marty: But, you're wearing armour. Shouldn't you go?

Animal: I'm the captain, go!


Lucy: Tank's spotted Pinkies.


Waffles: This is also when we first noticed the aliens using squad formations, rather than wandering sentries and strongpoints.


Animal: That pinkie took alot of killing.

Kirmu: No kidding.

5 laser rifle shots and an AC-HE bolt before it died.


Jean-Luc II: They're spreading out.

Animal: Don't let them! Keep up the fire!

Hunterhavoc: Incoming!


Assoonasitis: You okay Havoc?

Hunterhavoc: Yeah, didn't do anything. What was that?

Lucy: They're moving in more troops!


Dix II: Whoah, faar to close tankie!


Dropped a smoke to keep the tank from getting shot. Alien moved into the smoke to see where we went, and the tank shot it with reaction fire. Always terrifying with a rocket tank.

Neil: Havoc noo!


Hunterhavoc: I'm fine, didn't even scratch the armour.




Waffles: Smallest contact we'd seen. Though it was a missile, but it moved wrong, so we sent up an interceptor.



Pilot: Er, command. Target destroyed. Like, completely.

Still no idea what it was doing.



Waffles: Pilot chased this one from Afghanistan before he could shoot it down.

96notgettingaway.th.png picture20110830223436.th.png

Then the whole base shook.


The High Commander locked the pilot in the containment room for the rest of the day for that. We could hear him screaming over the music and alien howling.


Hunterhavoc: These heavy lasers don't mess around! Who's for roast pinkie!


Marren: They really don't want us getting in there.

Waffles: We're calling this a Medium Scout. The aliens seem to use this for mostly research missions.


Sathra: We lost someone?

Waffles: Oh, yes. Squaddie Neil was killed in an ambush. Squaddie Marren killed his attacker, but his body was caught in the explosion. Empty casket funeral.



Kirmu: We're going where?!

Marty: I think setting off explosives in ice is a bad idea.

Animal: Hey, orders is orders. Bombs away!


Jean-Luc II: We're surrounded!


Waffles: Again, new tactics shown by the aliens. It didn't help them though.

Animal: Hey, whaddya know. It worked! Contact!


Animal: Hmm sounds like I got 2.


Animal managed to kill another sectoid by accident. Well done!


Michael: Looks clear here sir!


Dix II: No, now its clear.


Waffles: We started construction the 'The Coil' in Antarctica after this mission. We'd filled a storeroom with Elerium by this point, and The Coil will be our storage/manufacturing centre in the future

Sathra: Why are you telling me this? I told you to do that.

Waffles: For the log sir.

Sathra: Ah. Carry on.

Waffles: We finished research in the UFO engines at this point.


Waffles: Learning that they produced power and anti-gravity gave the researchers an idea.


Sathra: Ah yes. I ordered research to start immediately. Anything with 'Power' in its name must be good!



Kirmu: Oh, come on! The Arctic again!


Animal: Didn't work for you guys last time.


Marren: Boom! Hahaha!

Dix II: Ugh, you got bugeye in my hair!



Sathra: Ah yes, the troops are getting good at this.

Waffles: Indeed sir, even the rook-

*loud rumble*

Sathra: If that pilot shot down a UFO on us again-!

Waffles: No sir, he's still in therapy. We're under attack.




Oooh, cliffhanger!

Yeah, these missions weren't that interesting. Bunch of sectoid and floater scouts, and only took a single casualty the whole time. Neil died in some farmhouse to a shot through the window. Marren eventually killed his killer, but blew his body up at the same time.

Oh well.

Captured some more aliens too.


Dunno about you, but I think the game might be hinting that we should research Hyperwave soon. Personally, I'd go for Plasma Beams, since we'll be getting larger UFO's soon.

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Heh, it's good to be the captain. smile You could either go for an empty casket funeral or one with many small caskets stacked together. tongue

Yeah, something stronger for shooting down UFOs should probably be a priority at this time.

Yep, my vote is for plasma beams, then Hyperwave Decoder.

No point in being able to detect them if you can't shoot them down anyway lol

Chapter 7: I blame the Pilot.

Sathra: We've got contingencies for this. Aircraft, retract to storage bunkers! Non-combat personnel, to raid bunkers! Troops! Gear up! We're under attack!


Sathra: Waffles, with me. To the operation centre.

Waffles: Yes sir.

Sathra: Oh, and start the psy-ops protocol.

Waffles: ....yes sir. *Click*

-----------------Mission Start--------------

Animal: *listens* Oh good. I was hoping for new, strange, yet calming nightmares.

Sathra: Captain, are the NC personnel secure?

Animal: Yes sir.

Sathra: Fight well.

Animal: Coffin Stuffers! Keep 'em out or its weasels for the lot of ya!

Everyone: Sir yes sir!


Animal: Rookies, Kirmu. With me, we'll be moving up behind Lucy's mob.


Marty: Pinkies sir!



Jean-Luc II: Got him!

Ah, and this is when the classic Superhuman Base Defense glitch showed up. The floater JL killed disappeared completely when it died. It wasn't armed either. Too many aliens, not enough item slots . Its about 80 for each side, with a few reserved for other stuff. The first 8 or so aliens disappeared (dead 4x units count as 4 items I think.)


Animal: You up for this Aki?

Akinori: ___. Yes sir.

Animal: What was that noise?

Akinori: Doc _ad to replace my larynx. Mainly because _e replaced my lungs too. Vocal cords don't work with a filter for lungs it seems. Aliens don't si__ either apparently.

Animal: Er...right. Move up then. >.>

4 turns of moving and no aliens later.

Tatyana: There's nothi-Wait, Contact!


I didn't get around to killing these for a couple turns. They couldn't do anything either, and disappeared when they died. Another one appeared in the lift the turn after I killed one too. Yeah, Superhuman base defense is fun.

Marty: They're charging!



Marren: They're coming through the hangars! Open fire!


Gotta love exploiting the doors. Alien grenade went off as well, did nothing.

Lucy: Ready weapons! John, pop the doors! FIRE!


Jean-Luc II: No prisoners!


Kirmu: RAARGH!


Assoonasitis: They're going crazy!


The aliens started killing eachother with 'zerker fire around now. Hilarious

John: Clear!


Animal: They're breaking! Move up! Push them BACK!

Sarah: More aliens!


Animal: No mercy!


I think that was the Commander. Took alot of killing. Capturing wasn't possible, since the only things i had to use were AC, HC, laser weapons and lots of grenades (that I forgot to use). No medikits either.

Animal: They're running! Tank! Git 'em!

Tank: Woof!

Animal: o.O

Waffles: I'm going crazy, that was actually funny.

Sathra: It is, isn't it. Real dog brain too!

Waffles: o.O


Animal: Tank's stopped...er...growling. I think that's all of 'em.


Waffles: Where did all the bodies go?


Dix II: Guys? Hello? Damn radio must broken.

Whoops. Sorry Dix, upper floor and all that. Hunterhavoc didn't make it to the battle either, he spawned really far away.

-------------Mission Over-------------

Sathra: Well done troopers! Victory Music!

*Huge explosion*

Waffles: What the hell was that!

Sathra: *Listens to comm-bead* Alien ship self destructed. The Enforcers managed to complete their mission though.

Waffles: The who?

Sathra: The Enforcers. CoFN's guys.

Waffles: The recovery team? What did they do?!

Sathra: Uploaded a 'crash-down' signal hack to the nav computers. As far as the aliens know, the ship was shot down and failed to attack the base. The computers seems to have objected to the hacking, but we got a completion signal before it blew.

Waffles: Will it work?

Sathra: No idea, we'll have to wait and see.


Yep, my attempt to explain why the aliens forget where the base is. The clean-up guys would know how to do it since they're the ones that take the ships apart. They'd probably notice that all the shot-down ships broadcast the same signal.

Anyways, wasn't a bad mission. No casualties (or wounded, thankfully. No medikits ><). Having the aliens all start panicking halfway through was a big part of it, not to mention how about a third of them seemed to spawn without weapons. No Blaster Launchers either, strangely enough.



New month!




Laser Cannon(Tank) research has started, and it seems that next its plasma weapons. I'll probably do it rifle, beam, pistol, hPlas. Storywise though, it'll be beam, pistol, rifle, hPlas. That makes marginally more sense, with the beam being an attempt at copying UFO armament (bigger guns being easier to take apart, like the engines).

HWD after that.

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Chapter 8: New and same.

Ah, March. Order some hares in so I may see them fight for my amusement.

Sir, I don't think you'll get them to fight in the base. Besides, the base is still infested with weasels. The troops are armed all the time, and they're still popping out of nooks and crannies.

That's because I've been releasing a new crate each week. It'll help with combat training.

That's kind of cruel sir.

They don't bite that hard Waffles.

That's not what I mean-


That's...much larger than the others. And 13 isn't a lucky number either. Prepare the caskets.


You just know someone is going to die. Oh yes. Doctor?

*over radio* Commander?

Prepare the Link.

The link? What's that?

None of your business! Launch!


Sir, I'd really like to kn-

And I said NO! Battle Music!

----------------Mission Start-------------------


Kirmu: Bigger ship. Good thing I brought a big laser. Damned heavy though.


Hunterhavoc: Well, duh.

Lucy: Enough of that, we got contacts moving in!



Assoonasitis: These targeters make this too easy. Wish the surgery didn't hurt so much.

Wait, surgery?

Classified, Mr Waffles

Dammit sir! What have yo-


Jean-Luc II: Colonel, shouldn't the breachers get the new armour?


Animal: I pulled rank. Bite my shiny metal ass.

Michael: Aaah!


Michael: My precious organs!

Animal: I'm coming rook. Medikit'll fix you right up. You've been ported right?

Michael: *groan* Yessir. Required for combat missions.

You did do something to them!

Fine. Yes. I'll tell you later, you nancy.


Michael: Pain makes aiming hard.

Kirmu: Hello Beastie. Meet Mr Yellow.



Kirmu: Whoah, woozy. Shooting these really drains you.

Animal: All patched up. Move out!

Michael: Yessi-


Animal: Dammit.


Lucy: You missed!


Lucy: And now you die.

Hunterhavoc: Looks like he came from there. Alley-oop!


Hunterhavoc is obscenely strong. He can throw HE Packs like mere Grenades. That's why he now carries 4.



Hunterhavoc: He shoots! He scores! Heavy Mob advance!


Lucy: Spotted the UFO. Damn that's big.


Marty: No sniping for you!


Assonasitis: Nice shot. Now do it without the targeter.

Marty: Shuddup.

Through the window, into the face, from a screen and a half away

Marty: Scouting guidelines say this is how its done.


Hunterhavoc: Pretty much. I'll do the top floor of this one.


Kirmu: Tank's moving into the ship. Get 'em boy!


Kirmu: Hahaha! Oh crap! Angry pet-owner!


Kirmu: My dog is armoured fool!


Missed the screen.

Animal: Having fun I see. There's another door this side.



Dix II: Ah, I missed killing stuff.

Kirmu: No tank! Down boy!



Kirmu: Eww, its all mushy.


Hunterhavoc: Stop playing with the corpses Kirmu.

Couple turns later. Killed another 2 Reapers in the ship.

Animal: Havoc, with me. We're going up.


Hunterhavoc: Whoah, I can smell the colours.

Animal: Huh, doesn't work when you're wearing power amour.

Lucy: We're coming up to reinforce! Dix, Kirmu, watch the lift.

Dix II: Aww, just a look. Bottom of the ship is clear. Ain't that right Kirmu?


Dix II: Kirmu?

Lucy: I told you to stay down there!


Dix II: I'm so sorry Kirmu!

Seriously, that's how my thinking went. Ship was mostly clear, sent Dix II up to help the sweep, and Kirmu gets shot in the back.

Last alien opened the door to the lift in the upper floor after Kirmu died and was promptly ventilated by Lucy.


Animal: Hey, one of these unconscious ones has a really fancy cape. Might be an officer

Captured a leader! Not sure how.


Dix II: This does not make me feel better.

----------------Back at base------------

See! Told you.

Yes, you did. You don't have to be so happy about it.

Yes I do. Now, Victory Music!

Now sir, about what you've been doing to the troopers...

Just a moment. Yes Sweety?

Researcher Sweety: We've completed the research


That's not much better than the Avalanches you know.

Yes, but the new cannon allowed for an upgrade to the tanks. They're in production, and Martin is assisting


Wonderful! More laser fun! Thank you Sweety

Sir! Could we continue?

Hmm, oh yes. Well, the alien cybernetics-


Oh, come on!

We'll continue this later. Send the troops!

----In the barracks----

Rookie: Man, why don't they use anesthetic in the surgery?


Rookie: AAARGH!


RookieKirmu II: Aaaah! My spine! Oh man, that hurt so bad. Heh, at least I'm the right gender. Now to punch Dix in the face.


---------------Wrap up-----------------

Ah, mysteries.

Anyways, sorry Kirmu. Bad call there, forgot that floaters could...well...float. It popped down from the Terror unit cradle and well...

Other than that, we got new tanks!



I appear to have modded Heavy Plasmas at some point (Its been over a year since I last played EU to heavy plasma). This one was never fired. All I know so far is that they're heavier (much heavier) than vanilla. I'll have to research them to find out if there's any other changes (The UFOpeadia pulls info from the game files).

They sure ain't the godly weapons they were in vanilla, that's for sure.

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Chapter 9: All turns to silver glass.


Waffles: Y'know, its Tehran. We could....forget...to save them.

Sathra: That's quite callous of you Waffles. Sadly, Iran is a pretty good scapegoat for our excessive violence.

Waffles: Really!?

Sathra: Ehh, kinda. We also get fined if we don't respond. Damned regulations.


Animal: We've arrived sir.

Sathra: Waffles! To the ops room.

Waffles: Battle Music!

Sathra: *sniff* I'm...so proud.

-------------Mission Start-------------

Assoonasitis: Hello Pinkie! Tank, KILL!



Civvie: چه کسی پرداخت برای خانه ام! Aiiiee! فرازمینی ربات ها!

Animal: Landing protocol!


Ahahaha! Vindication!

The fun you can have when grenades don't destroy each-other.

Lucy: Move out. Clear the LZ!

*extended lasfire*


Marren: Clear!


Marren: Akinori!


Hunterhavoc: THE COLONEL'S DOWN! Eat laser!


Hunterhavoc: Someone check on Aki!


Akinori: I'm fine sir. Returning fire.

Jean-Luc II: Assisting!


Jean-Luc II: Oh merde. Sorry Akinori!

Akinori: For w_at?

Jean-Luc II: I accidentally shot you in the back.

Akinori: Oh. W_en?

Jean-Luc II: ....Nevermind.

Jean-Luc II shot Akinori twice in the back at point blank range. Did nothing. Charmed life right there.

Lucy: Oh damn, the Colonel.

Sathra: Captain! Pull yourself together!

Lucy: But sir!

Sathra: No prisoners Captain. Gloves are off.

Lucy: ...Thankyou sir. *manic giggle* You heard the Commander!


Killing Animal's actual killer. With a HE pack to the face.

Lucy: No prisoners!


Lucy: No retreat!


Marren: You picked a bad time to show your faces.



Jean-Luc II: This is wrong.


Hunterhavoc: Holy crap! It ate the tank!

Seriously. That reaper ate the tank. Never seen it happen.



Floater failed to throw a grenade again.:P


Floater: Mrrrrzii!


Marren: No.

Hunterhavoc: Someone kill that Reaper!


Marty: Eat this!


Assoonasitis: Got a runner! Escaping are we?


Assoonasitis: Not a chance.








Assoonasitis: AHAHAHA!

Marty: This is fun! Catch!


Floater: Mikta.



Waffles: Sir! Tell them to pull back already!

Sathra: You really want them on the base as they are? They'll run out of explosives soon anyways.

Waffles: Dear. God.


-----------Back at base-----------

*Watching television*

Earlier today the city of Tehran in Iran was rocked by a series of explosions. Information is sketchy, but rumours have been coming out that unknown black-clad military forces have been attacking civilian targets in the region.

The Iranian government has been slamming these events as acts of 'American terrorism'.

Waffles: Dear god. But...our troops don't wear black uniforms.

Sathra: The Enforcers do.

Waffles: The CoFN is doing this!?

Sathra: Iran isn't one of our funding nations. Secrecy is paramount.

Waffles: But that's...that's....

Sathra: Necessary.


Damn, lost Animal. And it seems we're under the troop requirement for a Colonel with his death as well. Such a lame death too.

Fun as hell though. Ran out of HE packs at the end of that mission, and I load 12 on the Skyranger as standard.

LB, if you want Animal II to switch to Power Armour, just say so.


Couple of interesting screenshots.


Look at all of those P-Rifle Clips.


And this one. Not sure what happened. I think one of the blown up bodies glitched and ended up re-appearing outside the map boundaries. That's a new one.

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Chapter 10: Plasma-47s! For Everyone!

Sweety: We've gotten a handle on this alien weapons technology. Using the laser cannon as a base, we've been able to replicate the effect. Its still a bit crude, but it'll be more than effective as a ship-to-ship weapon. We'll start on the infantry equipment now.


Sathra: Thank-you Sweety

*In the Commander's Office*

Waffles: We're meant to be defending humanity!

Sathra: We are. There will be casualties Joseph!

Waffles: But we're-Wait, you used my real name.

Sathra: That's how serious this is. Casualties are expected. As long as the species survives, individuals are expendable.

Waffles: But. Sir...

Sathra: Do you want to know what my contingency orders are in case we lose? Hmm?

Waffles: Sir?

Sathra: I go to my office, open a panel, use this key and type a code. It'll launch the CoFN's stocks of nuclear weapons to every populated portion of the planet.

Waffles: ...

Sathra: Losing isn't an option. We win, or we ALL die.



Lucy: Its going to be strange without Animal.

Hunterhavoc: He'll be back soon Lucy.


Assoonasitis: New tank. Says "Wuffles".

Wuffles: Woof!

Assoonasitis: ...Alright then. Ready for some killing Wuffles?

Waffles: *pants*

Marty: Done playing with the team pet? Cause these bombs won't throw themselves.

Lucy: Goddammit! THROW THEM!


Note, this is a waste of a HE pack in vanilla EU


Hunterhavoc: This ship is a wreck.



Akinori: _ow did you survive?

Marty: Not for much longer.





Crashed in the English Channel

94nice.th.png 95zappyzappy.th.png

Plasma Beams

*Back to regular programming*



I like these cannons

Well, they can cut down a skyscraper. I'm still angry about that by the way.

You get angry about everything. *mocks* "Don't throw badgers at the engineers", "Stop shooting the Reapers with paintball guns" "Floater's aren't shuttlecocks" Nag, nag, nag.

Lucy: Er...welcome back Animal.

Animal II: Good to be back. What're your orders?

Lucy: This is....gonna be weird.

Animal II: Let's try this body out!


Assoonasitis: *speechless*

So cool.


Akinori: Under fire _ere.

Lucy: Don't you ever get worried?

Akinori: No.


Hunterhavoc: I feel much more comfortable in blast craters.

Assoonasitis: These pinkies just won't die!


Kirmu II: I know!


No kidding. This floater took 5 laser rifle hits and 2 HL blasts

Kirmu II: Nooo-!


Lucy: Die damn you!


Such...terrible luck. It did die this turn, after 2 more Laser rifle bolts


Lucy: Damn. Kirmu...what a waste of a suit.

Marren: *chuckling*

Animal II: Plink!


Throwaway snapshot, and he hit and killed it. The game remembers him I think.


Jean-Luc II: Oh, awake are we?


Jean-Luc II: Goodnight.


Assoonasitis: Ship's clear.


------------Missions End--------------

Waffles: I'm going to see to the troops.

Sathra: Hmm? Oh, off you go then. I'll be here, looking over these reports Sweety sent up.

96newtech.th.png 97plasmapistolsavailibl.th.png

9996priflesavailible.th.png 9997prclips.th.png

*In the barracks*

Waffles: So Trooper Davies, how has the training been?

Alan: Its not too bad. Not sure about the surgery though. I mean, the upgrades are nice, but that Doctor is a sadist.

Waffles: It has to do with making sure the implants link up properly apparently.

Alan: Yeah, about the implants. Where are they from? I swear I saw the last one moving in the jar.

Waffles: Er...the aliens.


Waffles: What the fuck!

Alan: UPLOADING. Aaaahh!

Waffles: Trooper Davies! Alan!

AlanKirmu III: Mr Joseph? Who the hell is Alan?

Waffles:...Never mind. Good to...see you, Trooper...Kirmu?

Kirmu III: Yessir. I have to go get fitted for my armour now. *walks off*

Waffles: What the hell just happened.


Condolences and Congratulations Kirmu! That floater took a stupendous amount of firepower and still managed to kill you, but on the bright side, you're the first to reach third iteration. Will there be personality damage? Who knows.


And that's the end of March.


Next month, hopefully we'll get something other than Floaters all the damn time.

Oh, and Plasma Rifles and Pistols are now available. The pistols were also modded at some point, so they're a bit more useful (cost less TU to shoot, part of the failings of vanilla PP's). Place your orders!

Heavy Plasmas should be ready after the next update. Excited to see what the heck they were modded to!


Oh, some other stuff to add.


This is one of the interesting functions of the loader. Its Auto-sell mode. Don't really need it for this playthrough, but I've got nothing to manufacture anyways (20 odd spare suits of power armour and a bunch of extra laser tanks).

It does mean we can expand faster though! Time for a new base? America (North and/or South) I'm thinking. Take your pick, and suggest some names people!

That and research. Heavy Plasmas are in the pipe with HWD after. But what's next?

-Small Launcher

-Alien Grenade

-Motion Scanner

-New Ships (and Flying Armour)

-Alien Origins (from the live Navigator)

-Or some fluff techs. Currently we've got Alien Entertainment, Reaper (live and dead), Floater (live comes with HWD), Sectoid corpses and Mind Probes.

Edit: Hmm, odd question, but the colour I'm using for laser weapon fire, is it yellow or green? It looks yellow to me most of the time, but sometimes it looks green.

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