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unable to load saved game after downloading mod

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I recently downloaded a few mods, those being "Increased Maxed Accuracy" and "Lore+". After doing so i found that i would unlock parts of Lore+ over and over again such as the analysis of the aliens that i had killed. i did not think too much of it until recently (about 2 days ago) when the game started crashing and gave me this error(see picture). i have tried verifying the game's cache and deleting and reinstalling the mods but nothing has worked. Can someone please advise me on how to solve this problem?


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8 hours ago, Solver said:

I think you corrupted the savegame somehow, probably installed two conflicting mods, or a bad version of Lore+. Where did you get it? If you corrupt a saved game with research data, it just crashes.

I got all my mods from the steam workshop. do you know anyway that i could fix this or is my saved game doomed?

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