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Xenonauts-2 Version 0.7.1 Hotfix Released!

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So it turns out the build we put out yesterday had some pretty big bugs in it - good thing we didn't get any press coverage for it, eh? :)

Anyway, we've put together a quick hotfix that addresses a bunch of the issues. A lot of the gameplay bugs were caused by relatively small issues that we could correct at short notice, so here's the changelog:


  • Fog-of-War Toggle: By default, the fog of war (but not shroud) is now disabled and aliens pop into existence when in vision like they do in classic X-Com and Jagged Alliance games. However, you can hold down the V key to temporarily display the view cones of your soldiers at any time, or press the "eye" icon on the UI (replaces the old roof icon) to put the fog of war back on ... one click and you're back to how it used to work!
  • Camera Shake: We've been discussing in the office how to make the shooting feel a bit more visceral, so we've updated the muzzle flash and added a little camera shake when weapons fire (most obvious with the LMG). See whether you like it or not.
  • Starting Area Reveal: We've automatically revealed a small area around each soldier at the start of the mission, so the shroud is not pushed right up against your units. We'll likely expand this radius a bit more for the next build, as the intention is to reveal nearby cover without having to waste TU looking for it first.


  • Fixed shots effectively not being able to miss - all damage dealt by a shot / burst would be deal to the target, no matter what the bullets hit!
  • Overwatch now works again.
  • Fixed all aliens starting at 100 Stun HP rather than whatever their starting normal HP value is, which made them much harder to stun than intended.
  • Fixed bug where melee attacks would always hit irrespective of the displayed accuracy chance.
  • Stun Baton no longer prints an extra "Resisted" every time you hit something with it - this was happening because it does 0 normal damage in addition to the 20 stun damage, and this normal damage was not enough to break the target's armour.
  • Fixed up the fire path being displayed incorrectly in some cases when you were targeting a multi-tile object.
  • Fixed up the black "outline" edges of the move / fire paths not drawing above the foliage.


  • The short range bonus now works like it did in Xenonauts 1 - it's now a 12% bonus per tile for units within 5 tiles of the target (for some reason it was a 5% bonus for 4 tiles previously).
  • The Stun HP of a unit is now capped at their current normal HP, so if you badly wound an alien it will be much easier to stun.
  • Removed stun damage from all weapons except for the Stun Baton.
  • Stun baton now does 30 Stun damage instead of 20.
  • Sniper rifle now costs 30 TU to reload instead of 1 TU.

Most of these bugs just arose because we were working on some quite sensitive systems when adding support for the new weapons and stun health - as is often the way, it looks like that had some unintended consequences. Thankfully we've got a community that flag up these issues early on so we've been able to the fix them in good time, so thanks to anyone that played the game and let us know about the problems!

As well as the new features due in the next build (Tuesday 25th April), we are of course working on additional bugfixes that will also arrive in that build. These were just the quick and easy fixes that we could get into a hotfix. Feel free to give us feedback here on the new way we're displaying fog of war and the new camera shake effect too; the fog-of-war stuff is intended to make the game look nicer given half the map will no longer be greyed out at any given time.

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(( As usually / always. the recording-file can be once again found at the bottom of the post. ))

On 13/04/2017 at 2:17 PM, Chris said:

Fog-of-War Toggle: By default, the fog of war (but not shroud) is now disabled and aliens pop into existence when in vision like they do in classic X-Com and Jagged Alliance games. However, you can hold down the V key to temporarily display the view cones of your soldiers at any time, or press the "eye" icon on the UI (replaces the old roof icon) to put the fog of war back on ... one click and you're back to how it used to work!

This was...confusingly written.
Here's my experiences in as simple-English as possible:
 Basically what this toggle-option allows is to either keep the whole discovered / explored-parts of the map lit up and make the interactable-objects and enemies pop-up from thin air (ala. like in "Jagged Alliance 1" sans having the map-layout being pre-discovered / "drawn"), or you can have the already discovered areas but not under friendly field-of-view under grey-shroud.

Here is an example image showing how things look out-side "field of view" with this option on
(also extra showing how the "capture-timer" shows up inside UFOs):
2017-04-14 16_14_26-Xenonauts 2.png

In my opinion, the "classic"-way of having the frey-shroud by default should be considered, if not only to make sure that players are able to notice and learn the "field-of-vision" of their own soldiers.

On 13/04/2017 at 2:17 PM, Chris said:

Camera Shake

At least in Windowed-mode, it isn't pretty; in fact it almost looked liked game screens almost escaped from the window(-frames).
Frankly speaking, it looks too much like that nausea-inducing "lazy-shaky-cams"; far too much disorienting, especially when trying to follow the bullets in real time and such.

This could probably work on some 1st+over-the-shoulder-3rd-person-views, but it is simply far too much "out-of-place".

If / once there is toggle-option, I am more than likely going to disable this effect (as I for one generally dislike "immersion"-effects of any sorts majority of times).


((The following is more of following to my previous report found here: check it out for my info:
http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14443-xenonauts-2-version-070-public-combat-test-released/#comment-161383 ))

Now, the following two screenshots pretty much summarize my biggest peeve in this game at the moment: Aliens exploiting "If I can see you, I can hit you"-rule, which makes them disregard all the cover in this game at the moment.
Unfortunately we players can't exploit this, especially when considering that many times even snipers hit rocks or anything else they are taking cover behind of (I've yet to experience any "shoulder-the-shoulder-friendly-fire" though).

Here is the same "magic-spot" the Alien-Officer last exploited from another angle, since the "south-side" was impossible to breach now that the "overwatch" is back in game
(( which itself is also very wonky on human-side; ~every-second time I am given a chance to "react", my reaction-fire prompt is ignored (as in, no shots shot when I click "FIRE"-button))).

Not able to hit at all
2017-04-14 16_03_20-Xenonauts 2.png

But how come I am allowed to hit right next to their toes though?
2017-04-14 16_03_52-Xenonauts 2.png

During this whole time, he didn't even turn around to scout his behinds, or otherwise move, as if they supposedly aren't able to move from that spot al all.
I eventually got this camper downed by having my sniper and machine-gunner shooting near at the entrance of the UFO.

(( I am certain that the record-file tells a better story though; I somewhat wish I could use them too see what happened "behind the scenes". ))

The Alien-Intelligence perhaps exploits the camping tactics too much. Or at least they camp so much I really wish we could have gotten semi-dysfunctional grenades to try to flush them out of these camping spots.


Something positive also though:
I noticed that the move-markers are now drawn atop the foliage; makes seeing the walk-path a lot more easier
2017-04-14 15_42_12-Xenonauts 2.png



Edited by Pave
Fixed the files after the file-upload-error-things and the accidental multi-postings.
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  • I can only agree on Pavels "If I can see you, I can hit you" rule that the aliens seem to have. They use it a lot but with the addition "...with a perfect shot."
    In my first game with 0.7.1 only my Sniper survived and could conquer the UFO alone with ist MP5.
  • While I am at this...as my Sniper with his MP5 got inside the UFO he was attacked by an invisible Reaper, twice. I have checked the first room completely but was hit in melee I guess. The third round, back to a wall, the Reaper appeared in front of my Sniper in its turn and missed (oh what luck). Burst killed the Reaper then.
  • There is still the annoying bug that soldiers often, very often, hit the rock or rocks they are covering behind.
  • Something is not right with the alien indicators (the alien heads on the right hand side of the screen):
    I know there is a hidden alien on the orange spot.
    The rifleman on the left has two alien indicators. When panning away, the lower head pans back focussing on the lower alien, but the other head doesn't do anything. The alien in yellow is visible and can be shot at but has no indicator.
    Alien indicator wrong.jpg
    Same situation as above; The hidden alien is still there. The left soldier has two indicators, but only the orange will be panned/focussed when clicked. Red doesn't do anything. Yellow can be shot at, but no indicator.
    Alien indicator wrong 2.jpg
  • Aliens can shoot through UFO walls:
    In three successive rounds my soldiers were shot t through the UFO walls. One soldier was killed. I am very certain the shots came through the walls. First I thought the aliens were inside the UFO, but they were actually on the other side and could shoot through the whole UFO.
    Shots through UFO wall.jpg
  • Healing field is too small when HP numbers with comma appear.
    Also in this picture; the Aliens that could shoot through the UFO were behind the UFO as I have seen them coming around the corner.
    Healing field.jpg
  • After my first game, I wanted a second, but the launcher did not start immediately. I started it again, but no luck again.
    I killed Xenonaust2 demo with the Task manager and the second started launcher appeared. I clicked play and the game started as a tiny screen in the upper right corner on my desktop screen. Couldn't click in it and had to kill it again. I always use fullscreen 1920x1200 with "fantastic" setting.
    Now everytime I want to start it I have to wait at least 40 seconds until the launcher appears.

Forgot to add the logs: recording_6.rec and recording_7.rec

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59 minutes ago, Sheepy said:

I don't think this is what you have in mind, but I guess it is better than nothing:

https://sheep-y.github.io/xenonauts-mods/X2 Log Viewer/index.html

(( For those wondering what I saw / read, there should be a screenshot of the whole "translated"-log at the bottom of this post. ))

Hmm, there is certainly a lot of info told here, yes.

But if I have read through this correctly, the "Hidden Action" of "Alien Intelligence" or generally the movement of the aliens aren't logged into this file
(I do recall this log-file was only meant to record the player-interactions to find pathfinding-issues and such, yes?).

There is a lot of useful information told though, especially when it comes to player-interactions (E.G. seeing the spots where the aliens "overwatch" player-tokens).

Primarily I was looking for the possible info on the camping-habits of the AI. But pretty much the only spot I understood / hopefully read-correctly is "[AI] PlayerPassTurn", which pretty much translates to me as "AI didn't interact with the player-tokens".

Hopefully we can get more detailed / in-depth log-file-system future:
I genuiely still hope for the replay-feature I did mention couple of months ago; this game would be one of the few that certainly would would increase both the replay and community-interaction-value (since you could freely share the replay-files; of course this could open up things for some exploits but on the otherhand it could open nice possibilities for talented scripters who would like to make more "cinematic"-replay-files from scratch):



Log Viewer for Xenonauts 2 Public Combat Test_20170418164208 Pave.png

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2 hours ago, Kompa3ot said:

Tell me (if it's not a secret), in the second part of the game (Xenonauts 2), are there any planned clashes with aliens on city maps (or any part of the recognizable place), for example, in New York, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, etc.?

If we are following the "pattern" (as in being spiritual-successor to UFO / XCOM-games): Yes we can fight in "well-known locations" like the capital-cities of the countries (especially if they become under "Terror-attack").

But it's highly unlikely we would be playing on "static-set-pieces", as in we might not be seeing "Statue of Liberty" or "Eiffel Tower" and other recognizable objects, since the map-randomization is to be planned ramped up to at least similar scales as in "(open)Xcom" (I.E. maps wouldn't require to be always constantly made by hands, but instead could be fully allowed to "raffled").
Hiding objects as easter-eggs could happen though.
But map-layout-wise we necessarily wouldn't be playing in "New York" or "Moscow" but only as "a name" (this is to also consider the missions would be mostly if only be happening in specific sectors of the cities to begin with).

But of course, these are just player-assumptions of mine.


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Hello guys!
 I was thinking it would be good to have the opportunity to call for help during the battle on the ground from its base,
 from remaining fighters that would be flying for any number of moves! Is it possible to implement this? Thank you!



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