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SCORN first person horror adventure game

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Ok, just saw the Phoenix Point thread again. The shown monsters remind me on Dark Souls video game series or the horror board game Kingdom Deatch: Monster.

Due to the horror vibe ... I just want to spread a bit about SCORN.
I know it does not fit completely into a turn based game forum.

Being myself a long time fan of the art of H.R.Giger and other "fantastic artists" like De Es Schwertberger, I can't say how beautiful this trailer looks. Maybe others do not see the same like I do though...
The only thing I fear is that this game will be a FPS game with nearly no or reduced morsel of adventure in it.

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Reminds me a bit of the way that DOOM looks. If there isn't much adventure it might still be interesting visually - I think that is something which surprisingly few games focus on, at least not from an artistic side. Plenty of games keep up with modern graphics but there is nothing special in the level design or aesthetic. Quite a few RPGs do a good job, but not FPSs. 

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On 12.12.2017 at 3:39 PM, Ragland said:

Man, Scorn takes disgusting and runs with it. I like it through. Did you guys see the trailer for Scorn 2?

You mean the Gameplay Trailer?

It looks really good for me. The camera moves a bit odd, I cannot really say why.
The game will look amazing in VR I guess...damn that I can't use that with having glasses.

I still wonder why they sub-titled the game "Dasein" which means in German "existence" in a kind of poetical way, while the developers are coming from Serbia.
Maybe because there main inspiration is coming from the works of H.R.Giger who was from Switzerland?

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