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Just signed up to say Thanks to the devs.

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So, first off, Thank you for making a good game in Xenonauts.  But this is beyond that.

Present company excluded, early access has been a bane of the gaming industry.  Games years old that are still not even 40% finished, and constantly set back.  Xenonauts 1 was finished ENTIRELY and fully in a reasonable time-frame, and that's exceptional in the current climate.  Hell even finishing an EA game isn't normal in the current steam climate.  We've seen some massive let downs relatively recently, the most prominent example being the lumbering abomination of No Man's Sky.

The free public builds with optional support for the X2 early access is an amazingly pro-consumer option.  I have faith in you guys and your track record so i'll be buying in as soon as possible where my regular EA policy is to avoid like the plague.

I don't know if you get this kind of stuff a lot, but you guys rock hard.  Keep it up.

(also having soldiers who don't look like janitors without armor in X2 is nice lololo)

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