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I'd be satisfied with grenade launcher :)

Would also like to see:

  • Proximity mines. That blows up when something move *away* from it.
  • Swords / Machete, like xcom 2 ranger.
  • Flamethrower?  Would be really useful if it can fill around corner, and more realistic.
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I don't want to add any weapons that circumvent the risk / reward of combat - specifically I don't want indirect fire weapons that allow you to attack the aliens without putting your own soldiers at risk. So mortars aren't a great fit for X-Com style combat, and nor is off-map air support or artillery of any kind.

Proxy grenades would be a fun addition, yeah. We'll probably have better support for melee weapons this time around, but I'm not sure it really fits the setting to put them in the base game because they're not that realistic ... but we'll see. Flamethrowers are also possibility, although realistically modelling being able them to flow around corners isn't high on my list of priorities.

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Why have proximity mines when you can have boomeroids...yeah getting chased by grenades, neat idea but pretty silly. There are realistic and existing weapons classed as area denial, it is an interesting mechanic that, I think, would fit into gameplay nicely. You still have to pop your face out at some point but it can be used to turn the tables in a skirmish by blocking cover or preventing/advance - it wont help you outgun an enemy, but you could out manoeuvre them. Obviously incendiary grenades have done this in previous games but I never felt that mechanic to be properly effective, at least not enough to be competitive with regular explosives. It would be good to have something like a rook in chess which can, more or less, make a whole line of the battle field off limits (or at least, guaranteed to incur some cost). That kind of mechanic could then be countered later in the game by flying/teleporting/fire proof enemies.

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So I did a post about this in the other General Discussion forum before I saw this, so apologies for the (somewhat) double-post.

One thing I'd really like to see are heavy fixed weaponry for the aliens, like an alien equivalent of the M2 Browning.  It seems to me that if the aliens know that we're coming for them and all the juicy tech we can harvest out of their UFOs, and if they're at all tactically versed, then they'd immediately see the benefit of a weapon capable of sustained fire with high ammunition capacity, especially in an environment like the inside of a UFO, which is more or less built completely of chokepoints and which has relatively long lines of sight, making it that much harder for Xenonauts to approach without getting shot.  I think that this addition would also make snipers and rocket launchers that much more tactically useful, since they can usefully engage these weapons emplacements from outside the vision cone of the alien manning it.

It'd also be nice if we could somehow see an expanded role for the demolition explosives; presently I don't see anything they can do that a Hyperion with a MAG cannon or a soldier with a heavy weapon can't do from farther away (so massively increased chance of not being shot to death) with less of a weight penalty (comparing ammunition weight to demo charge weight).  Maybe make them the only weapon capable of destroying the walls inside enemy UFOs?

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I would be satisfied with at least being able to incapacitate an alien with conventional weapons, check to make sure it is not bleeding out, maybe even stabilise it with a medpack if necessary, then stick it with some tranquilisers and/or bind it so it can be carried back to the dropship.  This would still require researching alien physiology to get the tranqs right, but it would remove the need for stun batons to be used in melee, which I always thought were kind of pokey.  Pun intended.  I guess it did require an increased element of risk though, but I guess walking up to an alien that might have buddies waiting in ambush nearby is still pretty risky as well.

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