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Soldier Inventory System Suggestion

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First - Hello! And also first topic. :D

I want to share my idea for a inventory system for xenonauts 2.

Xenonauts 1 currently have a basic system with a small belt and a big main backpack. Right now, there is no point really to place an item on the belt rather than the backpack, neither the armor we wear have any impact on the space we have.

In my idea of Xenonauts 2 Inventory, storage should be a tied function for the armor. So you could choose either an heavy, medium or light armor per say and each will have its available space to be used. I see 3 main spaces that can be used:

The belt would allow very fast and easy access (meaning low TU cost), perfect for fast use of secondary weapons like pistols and grenades or any other gadget used a the discretion of the player. However, its small room means only a few things can be placed on it and also, only small and compact equipement could be placed on it.

The Webbing (or tactical vest) would have moderate all-around storage and TU use. Perfect for some secondary weapons, main storage for weapons mags, medikits, etc...

The backpack would be the largest inventory, being able to store the biggest items like shields and heavy weapons. But it would also have the highest cost in TU to access the backpack. Some armor would not have the backpack available, for example, predator armor and others heavy or specials armors.

So placing carefully your equipement could actually be much more meaningful and also would lead to more tactical choices. Example: i can store my M-16 mags on my belt for fast reload, but i would lose the space for a handgun or a medikit.

Another example: Belt reload of a M-16 = 10 TU, Vest = 15 TU, backpack = 20 TU.

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It's an interesting system but I'm not sure exactly how the inventory will work in X2 yet, so it's difficult to provide too much feedback - it's a bit dependent on the other systems we implement (e.g. the Translocator).

The advantages of what you're suggesting, or even just tying the inventory slots available to a soldier to their armour, is that it makes the choice of armour more than just a question of how much protection it offers. That's definitely a good thing ... but it might end up clashing with some of the other mechanics we have planned that would govern inventory capacity in a different way.

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If the placement of pockets can affect the tactical effectiveness of soldiers in battle:

(accelerate the use of some items by reducing the speed of access to others;

increase the speed of movement of soldiers by refusing to use pockets on their feet;

increase the accuracy of soldiers by refusing to use pockets on their hands;

increasing the range of the grenade throw if the player refuses to use the backpack and pockets on his hands;


    then such a system makes sense for tactical play.

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This is something that I would like to see implemented, as the lay out at this time bares little in what could be describe as functional, in a military sense. Could there not be another layer of battle dress, that one could wear, with extra pockets for equipment storage.

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I would also like to this kind of system implemented into Xen 2. It would help to differentiate the armors (and maybe the under suits as well) and add another layer of customization onto the inventory system.

I would also like for tanks to have some storage space as well. I’ve seen that there is not much reason for a tank to not have its heavy armor on for every mission. Perhaps heavy armor would take up some (or all) of the inventory space, so a light tank could carry more equipment for you soldiers into battle than its heavier variant. 

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