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Aircombat Radio Sounds 2.1

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Aircombat Radio Sounds 2.1


This mod adds 177 high quality 2.1 stereo sounds for the airgame.

I made the sound soubtle enough that your brain doesnt recognise it as something you have to listen to. ALAS this is AMBIENT style, so not something loud enough that your brain automatically tells you to listen to it, but you can if you want to. The sound has been perfectly balanced and if want you can make it louder increasing the volume="0.6" code line in the mod to your desired level so it affects your playthrough as a major part of the game, instead of being an ambient sound which influences you subconsciously.
A lot of thought went into this audio production.

Compability: This mod uses a unique insert mechanism and should be fine anywhere in the modloader. This mod is already integrated into X-Division and cant be used together with it. DONT USE THIS TOGETHER WITH X-DIVISON !

Download: https://mega.nz/#!JFwk0SCb!ZZYDF92NUEaW5EhH3jS0LIXPg460bCqIDgbdk6X_qkc or 

Installation:  Extract into your mods/... folder and activate it in your modloader. Any position is fine.


@Solver This is the airgame sounds i was talking about, if you give me unique directory paths for UFO shotdown/aircraft shotdown there are 102 sounds waiting to be punched to a track. Heres an example:

3 boom right there.wav - on UFO shotdown

If this causes stability issues can hereby be tested. If it doesnt you can potentially include it in the XCE mod package for higher quality playing, although i fear the masses of people who dont read that you cant use this mod together with X-Division.

@Policenaut This is a sound mod so may be interesting for you.



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