Xenonauts 2 - November Progress Update

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Gentlemen, let me "introduce" myself, I am a long time fan of the original Xcom and spent a good few hours on other clones, follow ups of it too with more or less fun.

I`ve been playing Xenonauts a while and was very pleased with it overall(and anxiously waiting for X-Division 1.0!). When I read that Xenonauts 2 is officially announced I got excited, browsed the threads here about the suggestions/feedbacks, then downloaded the demo and gave it a go. Now I am unsure whether it is the place to provide a feedback but here it goes in no particular order:

Green is too green, vegetation is way to similar in color, feels mostly cartoonish. I liked the bleakness of Xenonauts and I think given the setting colors should be toned down a bit.

Cover indication is a big no-no from my part, it is very much looks like the one Firaxis uses and for me it also adds to the cartoonish feeling. I think with a 3D engine if made good, one does not need cover display at all, it should be obvious from which direction say a rock formation or log provides cover and what type of bullet/projectile they can stop. Also I`d like to see soldiers hitting the dirt, this would make moving through areas without (artifical) cover more viable/realistic.

TU bar and equipped weapons icon are way too big and unnecessary in my opinion, so is different aiming buttons. After all most of us will aim with right mouse click anyway and TU is already displayed next to the portrait.

Bullets flight time is as slow as slinghots, just like in Xenonauts, that bothered me from day one.


The demo otherwise ran smooth on highest setting, I had some ghost movements and delays but no crash or hang,played it on i7 6700q with 970m off an ssd.

Thanks for the first game devs, I am very grateful that you`ve revived the original and gave us Xenonauts!



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Hi Chris, I hope you all had a nice break over Christmas.

As a backer of X1, I am truly excited that you are working on number 2 and you can obviously count on me being an early backer once again.

I played the one available mission and these are my thoughts at this early stage of the game;


Much nicer graphics and animations.

I quite like the cover system. Makes the game more fluid than the original where I tended to put soldiers in crouch after every move.

AI seems better overall.


Targeting reticule much too large.

AI does have a tendency to run back and forth between two points of cover.

AI frequently destroys the cover it's in when firing.

Aliens can be difficult to see when in cover.


When over watch initiates, I would like to see a straight thin line drawn between the soldier and it's target rather than the green squares.

Probably unlikely now, but would rather a hexagonal grid rather than squares.




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