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Xenonauts 2 - Version 0.0.7 (Slightly) Delayed

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Very quick announcement - we were due to be putting out a big build tonight, but it's being pushed back to either tomorrow or Wednesday. This is basically because the various components of the sight system rewrite have taken longer than we thought they would, but I don't see any point in putting out a build that does not at least partially address the Hidden Movement screen issues.

The next build might not totally fix them (there might be some smaller changes required in the following build) but it should address the big ones where the camera isn't showing the aliens moving and shooting at your troops ... this means there hopefully will not be any more situations where you start your turn with dead soldiers and have no idea what happened to them. There's plenty of other upgrades coming, but I definitely think it's worth delaying the build to get this one in.

However I will be posting a more general project progress update up on the forums today; I suspect it'll have some stuff in it that you'll all find interesting!

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