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Althought I see Xenonauts as having massive amount of potential and

lots of sites rave about how this would be the closest X-COM remake

ever. I still see some subtle changes in the game play and

massive changes on the face of the game.

Would it be possible with the current engine to basically make a 1:1

remake in HD or atleast with newer graphics?

No one has ever done this and everyone that has remade it in the past

added a little something that they thought would improve the game

and has always failed to give me that feeling of Nostalgia!

I see the original (EU or TFTD) as the perfect game and just taking the

original game and making it HD would be EPIC. Never down before!

An HD remake combining both TFTD and EU would be even better but

I would be happy with just an 1:1 of either game in HD!

It's what I have been searching for since the originals just became too

low res for my eyes.

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Can you explain a bit more what you mean? Because it seems like you are asking for sth among the lines of "Develop new engine for existing XCOM content" which would create MAJOR licensing and copyright issues.

Btw, you may want to check out this (or, if you are not using Steam, this). With the HQ4x option the game looks a whole lot better.

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Not legally you couldn't, unless you had the official license (like Firaxis do).

This is what I feared!

The more I read about their X-Com remake the less I like their game.

How are you just going to take AP points away.

I see that as the core concept for this game.

Also the Game will follow a semi-linear path which Im not thrilled about either!

The Open X-com looks promising but it still has the same face.

The 1:1 remake I speak of would keep the core concept and mechanics

of the game intact just chaging the graphics thats all so my eyes

dont hurt when I look at it?

Just make it look pretty like Xenonauts does but keep the same art style.

Ok Off to watch Champions league!

Bayern vs Madrid and tomorrow Barcelona vs Chelsea

2 epic games - Then on Saturday Barcelona vs Madrid for La Liga!

Epic week for futbol

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Didn't one of the groups pull the plug because they had got about as far as they could without jumping over all sorts of copyright infringement.

The sad truth is Nastynative that if you want to relive the nostalgia of XCom, then you're going to have to just play XCom. I've played a couple of games of EU on Stema and enjoyed every minute of it.

If you weant something a bit more up to date, then it's Xenonauts, UFO Extraterrestrials, or things like the older Aftermath (that still has the odd element of how the original would have gone if Freedom Ridge had been developed) or the Fireaxis ones later on.

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they are turning APs into something akin to D&D 3.x actions (move, standard, free). it will limit the tactical options, as will most of their changes. it seems to me that it will play out like a D&D 3.x setting, so if you like rpgs and xcom then you will probably like it, otherwise probably not. of course if i am wrong, then it will probably just be a poor game with the xcom title.

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I never played the After Math games! they look really bad!

I do have UFO extraterrestrials but its not the same at all.

I cant play the originals anymore.

2K/Firaxis better freaking release a remake HD of the original.

I dont think I will be purchasing their new game.

This game is the only one in my cross hairs, but I dont want to play

an alpha I want to play a complete game so I will be patient!

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I think he said that it was due to the resolution on the original games?

Apart from copyright issues, I can't imagine people not wanting to tweak aspects of it. In the strategy guide Juilan Gollop was bemoaning the rushed last few months of quality checking.

Had he had those extended or structured differently, you would have seen changes to the original game too. They certainly addressed a number of things in Apocalypse for example.

Freedom Ridge had us startign off with a ruined earth and having to fight back from there. Imagine the purist outcry over that (that was the idea kept in Aftermath)

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was it UFO The two sides?

Form their site:-

'It took me some time to write this news. Unfortunetly we are bringing UFO:TTS downloads down and stoping the development. It’s not because we don’t have the time, or that we got bored. Reason is simpler – legality issues. When we started the project we weren’t as concerned about this as we are now. We believed that if we are doing everything from zero and doing it for free – we are doing it legally. Turns out its more complicated than that. All the material that we studied on the internet points towards a simple fact that even things like ‘look and feel’ of any game can be considered intelectual property of their authors. As to the future of the game and the site… it remains open for discussion. The site will most likely remain operative. As to the game itself – we don’t know yet.'

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