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Most stable, most complete overhaul mod?

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Hi guys, I'm looking to finally try and finish the game, but keep bumping into showstopping things like research not being available, weapon sprites missing, ect...

What is the most complete mod as of 1/15/2016? I love the content X-Division .98 provided but the research and other stuff seemed bugged and there were a ton of pedia articles missing.

There is so much info, I am getting lost in all the options.

Right now it seems XMC is back in the lead. Any recommendations please? I would like to actually finish the game this time. Also, I am using X:CE .34.1 UNofficial as Steam loads it. Could someone post a known working mod order? Thank you so much in advance.

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Not sure how the X:CE updates have affected existing mods, but the only overhauls mods that are *complete & stable* would be:

-XNT 6.0

(old, not sure if it will work, do note that the balancing favors snipers and rifles to be strong, but makes grenades and shotguns *really* weak and is hard as balls in difficulty.)

-XMC 2.0, Parts 1-6

(new overhaul update came out very recently, which hopefully has polished the rough edges since 1.0. Haven't played it myself yet.)

-X-Division 0.98

(I heard drages mention that the patches for .98 have made it fully playable from start to finish, but I could be wrong.)

Theres also Xenophobia and its variants, but they're big piles of mess from my experience.

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