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Can X:CE be installed on OSX?

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Is it possible to install the Community edition on a mac?

I tried to install it through the steam beta option, but I couldn't get that to work. I reinstalled it as a vanilla game, and added X:CE as a mod using "Modding Tools" in the launcher.

Unfortunately the XE.exe wont work on a mac. Anyone have any experience installing this great mod on a mac?

I've tried using wineskin and winebottler, but both crash within minutes.

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Currently X:CE only provides a Windows build that is supposed to be launched using Wine on other platforms (just as was the case with the vanilla game until recently). That works fine for me on Linux. But there's no developer who can test this on OSX.

X:CE will eventually hopefully merge the Linux/OSX native builds from the vanilla game, but again, if it won't work on OSX, that'll need to be handled by somebody who'll actually be able to test and fix it.

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