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[v 1.59 OSX] Ground combat - random characters shoot

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sorry, was waiting this game for a while (macos) and now downloaded tried it - hardly can play.

So will try to report a bug :)

Basically two bugs:

1. Random character shoots

E.g. Imaging three characters in a line: A (aline) B (shield) C (sniper)

When I should B to A - everything is fine. Then I try to shoot C to A -> and instead of this happens that A to B shoots and kills B.

Or in short - instead of one character shooting another one - any other random one can shoot any other random one. I mean it's fun, when instaed of alien shooting my soldier shoots him, but sad, when instead of my soldier shooting alien, it happens vice-versa (and my soldier still looses TU's, hehe).

2. Alien turn freezes the game

Basically I can see alien who moves - and then screen freezes.

Can only kill the process with the game - cause basically hangs forever.

MAC OS X 10.9.4 (Mac Air, 1,4 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 5000).

I assume Xenonauts version is 1.59

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For 1) attaching screenshot (Turn_2 Wrong guy shooting.png)

Basically it happened many times. I first thought maybe I misunderstand the idea of reaction shots, but even here alien just shoots different direction and in other cases it was the same - my soldier didn't shoot (or alien didn't shoot) and somebody else did the shot to other character.

Before this (End turn 1.png) i tried to shoot with a shield soldier - and nothing happened, just sound and TU deducted.

Pretty much i managed to play one mission without any problems. For all the further missions - as soon as first time this weird random shooting happens - everything becomes weird (up to point that soldiers do not move, even though they have TU and I can see green path on the gound) and ends up in freeze. I had to restart game like 5-6 times, before started to save before every ground mission.

Turn_2 wrong guy shooting.jpg

End turn 1.jpg

Turn_2 wrong guy shooting.jpg

End turn 1.jpg



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Saves for OS X should be located:

/Users/your_user_name/Library/Application Support/Goldhawk Interactive/Xenonauts

That. ;)

[Edit to make this useful]

You can change the location of save games in the launcher; I changed it to a folder in my documents folder, for example. It makes accessing saved games a lot easier for bug reporting purposes.

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