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[X:CE 0.33 RC1] Night missions always at dusk?

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I believe the night missions at this moment always seem to take place at dusk/dawn. It is evident when playing a Quick Mission (with "Night Mission" set to 1), but I also experimented with moving the Charlie in such a way so as to begin a new mission at app. midnight.

To make sure I was not making this up, I deactivated all extra mods and checked the situation using X:CE 0.32 HF3 and X:CE 0.33 RC1.

To make sure I did not confuse night graphics with dusk, I manipulated tilerenderer.xml settings in xce mod folder - making Day and Night extremely dark and leavind dawn/dusk at default, so I could easily tell them apart. I did no other changes.

<FOW>     <Day min="0.0007" max="1.0"/>     <Night min="0.00035" max="0.8"/>     <DawnDusk min="0.5" max="0.9"/>   </FOW>

It confirmed my suspicions, day missions became extremely dark, night missions stayed lighter - which means they are in fact using DawnDusk settings.

I think it also means "night" missions will also always use "dawn" LOS settings (have not checked that, I'm bad at counting) ;-) Which means, at this moment, there are no true night missions at all?

I attach a zip with my saves, using day and night quick battle missions from 0.32 and 0.33. I use Steam Xenonauts (running it as DRM-free, outside of Steam). For the test purposes, I deactivated all mods except for xce, xcesettings and xcebalance. I still use Skitso's improved tile art pack (installed manually into Xenonauts install folder).

It's my first post so I want to thank everyone on the forum, with special mentions to X:CE members, Skitso and kabill. :D

If any other details/files/settings are needed to solve the problem, please ask.

Xenonauts saves - dusk-night bug.zip

Xenonauts saves - dusk-night bug.zip

Xenonauts saves - dusk-night bug.zip

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It seems, that setting "NightMission = 1" in config.xml makes all normal (campaign) missions set at night, while making quick battle missions to be set at dusk. I returned the value to 0 and checked few times in normal campaigns - the systems seems to work fine then. So I hope it was an unnecessary alarm. :)

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