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[X:CE 32&+] BigGunsOnly variable fails to count Shields with the BigGun boolean

Man of Doge

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Download the file here and activate the mod contained within: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=104

Step 0: Make a new game/save

Step 1: Research "Project: Ascent" and start building a Mirage Battlesuit

Step 2: Wait til a blank xenopedia entry pops up

Step 3: Equip any soldier with the Mirage Battlesuit and make them wield/hold the "DFFG DEVICE"--a message will pop up saying that the soldier can't use such equipment despite the fact it is considered a "Big Gun".

Oh, BTW: "StrengthBoost" only seems to work going up rather than down--might wanna fix that too. :P

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Are u sure to make it heavy both at weapons and weapon GC files. I can't check myself now..

You only need the "IsBigGun" variable set to "1" for the weapon to be usable by a unit which can only use 'Big Guns'--the "isHeavy" variable only applies to GC Movement. I also found that the "isHeavy" variable had no effect on the bug whether it was enabled or disabled; Hence why I believe it's the fact that it's bullet type is preventing it from being equipped.

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