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How to beat the RNG-unskilled thing?

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I am mad,i hoped this game was more than another random(and to much common) RNG only-fuck skill game.

I mean,seriously,shooting,cover,dmg took/deal and stun is rng based,pfff.

Even more,you can set up a perfect plan,very good position,and,the alien are just going to walk in/shoot your soldier with +80% cover/hide under 17% cover and are god-mode,one shot your armored 60 hp soldier under cover with a simple plasma gun at 90 feet from him like deal with it,while your soldier* miss a alien 1 feet far from him with a heavy laser,outch,bye immersion.

Need to stun a alien?Forget it,the weaker one(the lizard and the grey dude)already walk in the stun gas and spam RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST RESIST,ect.

UFO who spam away from your base and never come in your radar range...

It's too sad modern game are only RNG based.


/rant over

Somebody know a mod,for disable the RNG and replace it with tactic/planning/skill?

edit:again,a RNG loose.bad game,to much frustration,not enough skill,if i want that much rng,i can try the casino...

edit:i just found morale,holy shit man,my unit have 76 morale,a alien shoot a civilian,my soldier run away.WTF.

edit:why alien have long range sniper machingun?Why?Why they can shoot from the other side of the map,shoot 3 shot,each shot one shot a armored 60 hp dude..why??My soldier can't do that,they only have 6% to hit.

edit:what a joke,they said less alien if you shoot it down,yeah,ofc,20 alien lelelelelee.20 alien who one shot,can shoot 3 time a burst and regen,and are rngesus who can shoot your unit under cover.scam game.

I will search how to get a refund,i should cracked this scam.Shit,those dev don't even know how to make a non-RNG game..

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i lost again because rng.
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More seriously, the game is less random than you think. Aliens have surprisingly rigid patterns of behavior. Chokepoints are very linear. There are real (and annoyingly repetitive) patterns to everything in this game.

It's an absolutely fact of life that your point men, who turn around corners and open doors, are going to die. So, make your worst troops point men. It's an absolute fact of life that you have to pass certain doors in certain ways and incur a similar risk every time. So, you can plan around that. There's an arbitrary forced attrition by RNG, that's true, but there's tactical planning and methods you can develop to deal with it.

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>> What nuclear said <<

And also, sometimes you simply turn out unlucky a few games. I remember playing this game for about the first time, and I just couldn't understand why enemies kept "ignoring cover" and one-shotting my guys. I almost rage-quit and threw the game away. But I kept playing a bit and noticed that it was just a bad string of luck (mostly) and that enemies do eventually crumble if you play consistently and well enough. There are so many different maneouvres you can do to maximize your chances of having a smooth run (no deaths, few explosiions etc.), and if you keep doing them you're gonna do great in this game, even on Insane.

There is also some things more I noticed that sucked.

Sometimes tooltips lie (sebillians are excellent shooters in long range :P).

Covers are quite frankly sub-par. Do not rely on covers, as they're easily circumvented by aliens if they go to the side just a little (the algorithms used to find a good bullet path to Xenonauts soldiers (and aliens) are really good at finding ways around cover), try to as much as possible stay out of sight.

You cannot challenge aliens in head-to-head warfare, you have to abuse line of sight and such, or go around with assaults.

Get shielders.

Lastly, I gotta say that this is one of the most skillcapped games I've played in a long while (abusing game mechanics to make RNG be in your favor as much as possible). And I've played many games really competitively. The order of things, the choosing of inventory, I've played this for so much and I'm still learning new things a lot of the time.

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