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My Battle Experience (includes a couple bugs and/or suggestions) YOUTUBE VIDEO

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This is a full video of the game before it stopped working.

It has been prob 6 months since I last played this game, but I updated it just yesterday and this is my experience, including a couple bugs and/or suggestions.





12:30 (note: I was right-clicking on that button, and my soldier began looking in that direction. It'll likely be fixed before beta rolls around, but just an FYI)


17:45 (note: excuse the language... it was the second time in a row the game stopped responding while I was in battle)

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Sorry. I assumed someone would open the video and check those specific noted times for opinions, bugs, suggestions, etc, etc.

Maybe tonight I'll be able to get around to edit my post, but I don't have time right now.

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If you've encountered bugs, you should really post a thread in the bug reporting forums with a full description of the bug. I tend to just skim read these posts quickly, so I also can't recognise your suggestions from what you've written above. A lot of suggestions have been reported before so I can usually respond to them without actually having to see the issue if it's written down :)

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