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Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.32 HF3


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Update for version 0.32 of Xenonauts: Community Edition has been released as 0.32 HF3.

Installation (Windows Steam users):

  • Steam will be automatically updated (may take a while until the update is available).

Installation (other users):

Changes summary:

  • Avoid a possible crash when spotting an enemy while walking into an undiscovered tile of a map.
  • Properly destroy UFO squadron on Fury autoresolve.
  • Avoid a possible lock-up during AI turn due to incorrect range accuracy calculation.

For further details, see the 0.32 release annoucement, the 0.32 HF1 release annoucement and the 0.32 HF2 release annoucement.

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I am using an iMac and experience glitches/crashes when using V1.59. So I use V1.56 compatibility for iOS from the Humble store, which works OK so far.

I'm now interested in playing the CE version and wondered if there was a compatibility version of it I could use on my Mac because I assume I will experience the same glitches and crashes with the 'non-compatibility' version?

Thanks for the help and for all the hard work.

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Yes that's right. On some macs the graphic card/memory seems to slowly get full to bursting and eventually crashed unless the resources are unpacked.

Great - so if I install the unpacked 'compatibility' version from the Humble store (which is V1.56) and then the latest CE edition over the top it should all work? Thanks!

Although are CE and V1.56 actually pretty much the same anyway? I know Chris used a lot of the stuff you guys did over the past year or so.

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