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[1.06 tested] Sounds of Phantriatism mod! (Beta 0.2)


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So ,Phantra what is this mod about then?

Well, this mod aims at Improving the sound effects and adding voiceovers to some of the actions/events happening in the game by replacing exsisting .ogg files or incorporating entirely new ones.

All of the sounds currently in the mod have been extracted,compiled and build in the model of their xenonauts vanilla counterparts from bits and pieces by me.

(current version original bits and pieces were taken from bf3 and bf4's massive arsenal of sounds. )

keep in mind: although I did my best to preserve the style of sounds of the original in the new files, some turned out utterly different.

Beta 0.2 Release:

- new balistic vanila weapon sounds .

- new aircombat sounds for missiles and canons aswell as new a crash sound.

- new vehicle death sound ~

- new flames sound.

- new rocket launcher and frag grenade sounds.

Plans for the future:

- making new sounds for injury/death sounds of humans and maybe some of the aliens if i can manage to make them sound as they should.

- changing footsteps/impacts/door stuff/etc.

- new sounds for the rest of the vanilla weapons/items.

- adding voiceovers to ground combat actions/events.

How does one Install this mod?

- step one, make backups of your sounds.xml and sounds_GC.xml aswell as sounds and sfx folders ... after that:

- If you are getting this mod for a clean instalation of 1.06 you just need to extract the zip file into your xenonauts install folder.

- if you have mods that modify the sounds.xml and/or sounds_gc.xml or have a newer version of those files (CE/patch etc) then:

you would need to Install the sound files manualy + make changes to sounds and sounds_GC,

the files that would need assingment in there would be:

AirCrash.ogg -> in sounds.xml assigned to the sound played when a unit crashes in aircombat

AirCombat_explosion.ogg -> in sounds.xml assigned to aircombat explosions

VehicleDestroyed_1.ogg -> in sounds_GC.xml assigned to vehicle explosion

*Currently it has been tested on version 1.06 of the game and in need of testing on other versions.

Download Link here

Discuss the mod + Idea's/requests here:


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