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X:CE optimized build testing

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Merry Christmas! Below you can find an optimized version of X:CE 0.31 that runs faster.

Seriously though, this is a testing build of X:CE 0.31 with various optimizations that should make it run faster, but at the same time may possibly make it unstable. So I'd like to get the changes tested before they make it into 0.32 (whenever that gets released). If it works well, good for you, if not, just go back to the normal release.

The optimized version can be downloaded here: [ATTACH]5984[/ATTACH] . Simply put the executable next to the normal game's executable and run it. Except for the optimizations it should be equal to X:CE 0.31 (even though the launcher labels the version as 0.32 unstable), so it should be trivial to switch both ways. Also note that it is the GC editor build, which should allow testing if needed for those who know how to use the GC editor.

So if you'd be willing to give it a try, I'd welcome testing. If you find a problem that is specific to this build(!), please report it here (using the usual guidelines of course). Things that may be affected in particular include:

  • Alien AI (decision making, etc.)
  • Anything during alien turn.
  • Path finding.
  • Drawing (game now limits FPS during hidden movement, maxFpsDuringHiddenMovement in gameconfig.xml).
  • Line of sight.
  • Random crashes (this one is rather tricky to judge, so please do not post if you get just a single random crash, and there's no value in knowing that, what might be interesting would be knowing that it is unstable with a number of crashes, or that it crashes in a specific scenario where normal X:CE 0.31 does not).



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Oh, and by the way, while making the alien turns faster I finally had a better look at the AI, and this should mean the aliens may soon get some extra thinking to be really devious bastards. The Insane difficulty currently does not quite live up to its name.

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No crashes so far, but there seems to be a new pathing bug near vaultable objects. (fences, open windows) Units vault over all four sides of the tile where the vaultable object is.

Also, I've once witnessed visible low fps alien movement. (alien came from inside a ufo into my LoS)

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