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Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.31 HF1

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Update for version 0.31 of Xenonauts: Community Edition has been released as 0.31 HF1.

Installation (Steam users):

  • Steam will be automatically updated (may take a while until the update is available).

Installation (other users):

  • If you already have 0.31 installed, use "Modding Tools" in the game launcher to install the base X:CE mod. There are no changes to the settings or balance mods, so after updating the base mod it is enough to restart the game.
  • Otherwise, follow installation steps from the 0.31 announcement, only use 0.31HF1's base mod instead of 0.31's .

Changes summary:

  • Version 0.31 did not properly include all assets (most notably, Skitso's maps could sometimes have empty black areas). This update fixes the problem.

For further details, see the 0.31 release annoucement.

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