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What games disappointed you? :(


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Spore and Sim City 5. Spore was just incredibly boring after the first run through, but it was an expensive and much hyped game. I pre-ordered it, big mistake. Sim City 5 was a game I was really, really looking forward to. I loved Sim City 4 and wanted so much to have a modernized version, but EA managed to ruin it completely and utterly. Like they've done with most of the companies they bought. Fortunately, having learned my lesson from Spore I didn't pre-order and when the deserved horrible reviews came out I decided not to get it, a no brainer at the time. It was/is probably the worst reviewed game in Amazon history. If you go out and look at the Amazon reviews you'll get a chuckle at some of stuff that was written.

EA just didn't realise that we didn't want any online Simcity. I still feel that simcity 4 is superior.

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I've been disappointed by every X-COM game that I've ever played except UFO Defense ...including Xenonauts. I still play, but it really could have been better implemented (the design, on the other hand, is a little better than UFO Defense ...it's all the bugs, especially the one where it does not run windowed when I tell it to.) I haven't played Enemy Unknown because I wanted something that matched the original c2003 Mythos vision for X-COM 5, and soon determined that Enemy Unknown wasn't it (that and it won't run on my system.) I distinctly remember saying to Round Again Software that I wanted to burn X-COM: Interceptor. The guy replied that he would have to report software piracy. "No, that's not what I mean. Where are your matches?" I was disappointed the least by X-COM Apocalypse, which I've played through at least five times (each difficulty level has a different city.) That I was disappointed by Apocalypse at all is only a testament to how good UFO Defense was ...it was that good!

As for non-X-COM games, iMagic Destiny is the one on top. Basically, take Civilization, quadruple the basics, and give it a Total War tactical arena, and you're pretty close to Destiny's concept. Too bad it didn't run. It crashed and burned like a Pinto on a greased curling rink. I had more fun with the iM1A2 demo, and bought the game, which turned out to be one of my favorites. I like the Destiny concept so much that I tried it again two years after it died the first time, and was soon reminded of the reason I gave up.

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager was quite disappointing, despite the fact that I had never played BARIS in any of its incarnations. No ...BASPM had something far, far more difficult to compete with ...FAR more with the proper mods: Kerbal Space Program. (If you're not a KSPer, you might not recognize the pun: FAR is a mod which vastly improves KSP's physics equivalent to adding holdover and windage to Xenonauts or, if you're familiar with shooters, turning Call of Duty into ARMA III.)

I was a massive SimCity fan, but I'm cautious, especially when franchises change studios (I learned that from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.) After the latest incarnation made nearly every "Worst Game Of The Year" list and several "Worst Game Of All Time" lists, yeah, I'd say I'm disappointed, even though I haven't played it for even an instant.

Doom 3: The BFG Edition. Should have called it CRAT-DET. Can't Run At All - Doesn't Even Try. (The original Doom 3 is my favorite shooter. I wrote a trilogy of fanfiction novels for it once I realized how well my own angel concept from Featherwing Love stands across from Doomguy's enemies.)

Minecraft 1.8. There's more to it than https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-14051 (no, it's not the driver's fault guys. If that's all there is to it, I'd have a hard time finding 1.7 servers and wouldn't be hearing of frame rate crashes on non-Crestline systems whenever the topic arises in chats. (Crestline is the die codename of the GPU in question.)) As soon as I heard of the Microsoft buyout... I love Minecraft otherwise.

Lunar Lander. For one who has mastered Orbiter (not necessarily a game) and KSP, it is hard to make a space game that'll impress. This experience also taught me that I'm not going to like everything that Scott Manley likes. Nearly everything, yes, but not quite, lol!

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Master of Orion 3 heh... heh... Considering the first 2 were great. What happened?!
Yeah and I'd say the same for Star Control 3.

I forgot to put those on my list. Oh, yeah! Pax Imperia; Eminent Domain and Imperium Galactica 2. Pax Imperia was the game that should have made everyone forget about Master of Orion, except that it was sheer-cliff learning curve and ran only on the Mac. Eminent Domain was good, but lacked most of the features that made PI so good. Imperium Galactica was NOT good, but was enough fun that I played it through a couple of times. Imperium Galactica 2 was unplayable and ugly, in my opinion at least.

Among the space civ games, one of my favorite is Logic Factory's Ascendancy. It has a KSP-like derpiness to it, which seems less adaptable to space 4X than it does to space physics, but what makes it unique is that you can play in three dimensions. It has 3D gameplay without 3D graphics, whereas most of the time in such games, 3D graphics never means 3D gameplay. This makes pretty much every space civ game disappointing for me.

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