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[X1.08 + X:CE 0.25HF] XNT Into Darkness Mod V6.0 "Hellgate"


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Inspiration Mod Based on "Way of Wolf" E. E. Knight

WARNING: This mod is distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license , If you want to use assets of this Expansion pack in your mod please ask the developers for permission

Developers in Alphabetical order:

Kabill (Tech Support and cooperator)

Sentelin (Coder and Creativity) Profile

Selgald (SFX, Creativity, Nerd work and Bulletproof Play testing) Profile

Tactical Dragon (XNT:ID Project Lead) Profile

Theon Greyjoy (Writer, Face Creator and Air Force Designer) Profile

XNT Official Tester: Gengis Den and Blackwolf (Gengis-Dhen and Blackwolf)

Community of players and Modders (See acknowledged below*)


"We are twice armed if we fight with faith"



What is XNT - Into Darkness?

This mod is a compilation of hard work done by multiple users, players and the Xenonauts community. It implements innovative elements and mechanics thus altering the players experience.

What makes it different?

XNT - Into Darkness is designed for players looking for a faster pace of play and more action, it mixes in specific mechanisms and modifications that make for an exciting and diverse environment. The second important difference is decision making: the player has to choose wisely weather he prefers to focus on economy, air supremacy or rushing additional ground combat tools. The idea is to provide the player with more choices from the very beginning, so that the player can take his own unique path towards victory...or destruction. Be aware: XNT raises the difficulty level.

How to start?

First you must understand that there are various forms and parameters that allow you to start the way you want, however there are several alternatives or pattern to start playing:

- Air Supremacy, focus your initial resources to build up a powerful and destructive fleet of aircrafts.

- Economy Factor, prepare multiple factories and sell your mass-produced equipment. (Beware based attacks are frequent).

- Armor Rush, if you want to ensure your supremacy and survival of soldiers in combat, you need to focus on developing heavy armed vehicle platforms (tanks).

- For Science!, designate several research divisions ready to diagnose and take advantage of the new and powerful alien devices. You will always have cutting edge technology in combat. If you can still afford to produce it.

- Imagine your own way, there are thousands of ways to address the issues you will encounter.

Content in XNT - Into Darkness

- Challenging and Unique AI programming.

- Deep strategy environment or Air and Ground combat

- Complex and unique economy system.

- Dynamic TUI system (more shots per turn)

- Refined Damage and Wound system.

- 28x New weapons, 6 for alien invaders and available to humans.

- Amazing and fun air combat including: 2x new aircrafts, 11x new weapons and updates to the old ones.

- 1x New armor Coyote Armor.

- New projectile animations.

- New weapon sounds!

- Advanced tech tree.

- 95x extra soldier faces: 78 brand new ones + 17 unlocked from custom portraits. Featuring 3 new portrait categories: Indians, Arabs and Gurkhas.

- 6x New aliens, Gargol: mindless abomination, The dreadful Vipers: Minor, Alpha, Delta, Spawns and Omega. Remake of zzz1010's Creepers Mod (Original - no longer updated Link)

- Kabill's Dynamic UFO Spawn incorporated and rebalanced for this version (ORIGINAL LINK)

- Ogaburan's Extended Backgrounds (readjusted for XNT) (ORIGINAL LINK)

- Khall's Face pack (ORIGINAL LINK)

- Lt_Parsons's True Laser Beam incorporated. (ORIGINAL LINK)

- Max_Paine's Lore Plus + artwork and xenopedia descriptions. (ORIGINAL LINK)

- Solver's Community Edition ( ORIGINAL LINK!)

- Text and UI fixes & upgrades that are not in vanilla version (Text Autoscalling, Soldiers Rank, Research, Soldier Names can now be up to 40 characters!

- Lots and lots more!


1. Use a clean Xenonauts build (Community Edition In steam).

2. Download the XNT - CorePack

3. Extract the content of the Corepack in "Xenonauts" folder.

4. In the Launcher go to "Modding Tools" section, select "XNT






Kabill's Fire in the Hole! (UFO Hull Breach) - ORIGINAL LINK!

Note:Read install notes for Fire in The Hole carefully

1)Download Fire in the Hole! without add-ons.

2)Extract only tiles and maps


Special Thanks for Max_Caine,Kabill and Solver for their cooperation and hardwork


- All the contributors of XNT IntoDarkness community players, for feedback and playtesting Radek, Xiphoideus , jupilerke1967, Guyver, XenonaughtFox and Victor_Tadeu. You'r great guys!





Jsleezy Real Armor Pack

- THANKS TO NEURO_WAVE_DAMAGE http://neurowavedamage.deviantart.com/ for his xenopedia Gargol-art contribution.

"Are you prepared to deal with the alien invasion Commander?"





- Operation Hellgate added to the game, allowing the update of basic ballistics with a complementary role in GC. (This is the first series of paths of alternatives of researches that I plan to add to Techtree using unique paths).

- UFO Content Randomization.

- Rebuild of the "Reapers", Zombify skill reactivated and resistance lowered.

- 4x Weapons added to the game.

- 2x Grenades Added.

- Armor degradation increased to 7%

- Difficulty modifier for alien stats has been rebalanced.

- Condor, Apollo and Su-T10 increased health in 10%.

- Research Tree simplified.

- Wound and damage system rebalanced

- Starting soldiers rebalance.

- Medipacks increased to 30 and 60 respectively.

- Xenonauts damage overall increased about 10% depending on the weapon.


- Add +3% Burst fire/+5 Snap shot accuracy for Rifles

- +5% Accuracy to machine guns

- Accuracy of heavy weapons on the move 40%

- Alien weapons damage rebalanced

- Alien accuracy refixed for different set of difficulties Easy 80% / Normal 90% / Veteran 100% / Insane 120%

- Damage of Phaser alien weapon set to 7 and suppression set to 120.

- Light Vortex weapon set with 27 stun damage and 15 damage.

- Damage of grenades increased by 5.

- Alpha Viper Teleport is removed

- Bleeding set to 7 Damage with 60% generating 5 Bleeding points.

- Reduced 1 point of range to all alien weapons.

- Reaction modifier added to Vipers melee attack.

- Base attacks set at 80 Trickery Value.

- Basic armor +3 against Kinetic and energy weapons.

V5.3 update

- Xtended Backgrounds Mod Integrated

- Special encounters added to the game! (Heroes or Foes? A mystery for now)

- AI for Alien Aircombat inorporated

- New "Hall of Fallen Heroes"

- New weapon Annihilation Phaser added.

- Alien Scouts can perform Base Attacks or Intercept Xenonauts carriers ships.

- Flamethrower is redesigned and enable for this version (Thanks Mikhail Ragulin for the demostration and explanation of his UNIQUE system!)

- New Faces added (Khall's, Ogaburan's and Theon's work)

- Random damage set to 35%

- Armor mitigation set to 5%

- Wounds Dynamics change, only critical hits can cause bleeding.

- Armor Stats Boost improved.

- 4 Sounds added to the game

- The range of all weapons reduced by 10%

- Rebalanced Accuracy of Pistols and Shotguns.

- Dynamics of close range weapon were changed.

- Art of some vanilla weapons was changed

- Vortex weapons have been changed, reduced AoE, more stun, normal damage and bleeding ratios.

- Maximun stats for soldiers reduced to 100, but can surpass the maximun thanks to the armor capabilities.

- Health points of vehicles were doubled, reduced LoS to 20 and reduced armor value by 15%.

- Hunter Scout Car TU units increased.

- Machine gun for vehicles rebalanced.

- Suppression has increased to ballistics by 20%, energy weapons by 10%.

- Research tree has been branched a bit. For now.

- Disassembling protocols fixed

- Alien Fighters rebalanced.

- Dynamics of wounds changed.

- The "once per wave" value for all missions unlocked; enables aliens to execute multiple Aerial Terror missions, Base Attacks and Air-superiority missions.

- Arts, Lore and researches for new aliens were added.

- Composition of Carrier/Landing/Crusier command room changed.

- Damage of C4 and Heavy Plasma Explosive increased, area of effect increased by 2.

- Flashbangs and Smoke grenades can't trigger heavy explosives any more(C4 type).

- AI reaction balanced specially for commander and UFO defenders.

- Alien artifact selling value reduced by 20%.

- Interior portholes re-fixed.

- Disable short range bonus of machineguns.

This are the new changes from the 5.22 version hofix

- Wolf/Buzzard armor protect against limited amount of Minor Psychic Attacks

- Sentinel and Predator can protect against limited amount of Major Psychic Attacks

- Landing ship dissembling is repaired

- Time between waves is increased to 7600

- Random damage reduced to 30%

- UFO contents minor corrections

- Saracen Aircraft stats re-balanced (Currently in development any suggestion is welcome)

- Damage of starting weapons and Advanced Ballistic increased to +3 Rifles, +5 Sniper and +2 MGs/+2 Mitigation.

- Frag Grenade damage increased by 5

- Time Units progression re-balanced and increased

- Cover value set to 90%.

- We replace the music files to the Remastered Original Music Tracks (Made By Selgald)

V5.21 hofix update

- Increased damage of some alien weapons,

- Put random damage to 33%

- Adjust defensive AI

- Removed "jumping" ability of some Vipers

- Reduced Apollos Upkeep

- Reduce researches time by 15%

- Adjust starting values of new soldiers

- Set trickery to 0.002315 (The same value has Vanilla)

- Add founding bonus when you save Civilians and Friendly soldiers

- Add bonus for successfully completed crash sites

- Adjust UFO Contents.

- Disabled short range bonus for all vehicle weapons.

- Armor degradation set to 9%.

- Unlocked Heavy Plasma Rifle for aliens.

- Increased Range of Eggs parasite to 10.

- Increased Androns Health by 10 and Armor 5.

V5.2 update

- Community Edition 0.21 included

- Xenopedia entries finished

- Economy system repaired

- Starting money reduced to $3m

- Alien Progression slowed down

- Random damage increased to 35%

- Cover system set to 85% and 25% bonus when crouched.

- Aircraft progression changed, Player start with Apollo, F17 and Su-T10, to unlock a new aircraft player need to recover and dissemble a UFO craft (Corvette - Mig31 Foxtrot, Landing Ship - Sarracen, Cruiser - Corsair, Carrier - Marauder, Marauder - Fury)

- Dissemble system integrated to economy system, you can unlock researches with it and you need a hangar slot to dissemble a UFO recovered. Alternative you can Recover a UFO then dissemble it and get money for it.

- Dual Warhawk 2 Integrated to the game.

- Armors now give different bonuses, Flying armor gives reflex and TUs, Predator gives negative and positive stats , Coyote increase durability of the unit, Wolf gives resilience and reflex to assault UFO.

- Re-balanced Air Combat

- Shield protection increased in 25%

- Dead Gargols and Vipers drop the correct corpse.

- Accuracy of Laser weapons is increased by 8%

- Damage of Plasma weapons increased in 10%

- Damage and Armour mitigation of MAG weapons increased in 10%.

- Soldiers skill progression is doubled

- Ground Attack % Events is reduced in 10%

- Funding damage in land increased a bit and lowered in water.

- AI has been corrected and improved to make less rushes and plan attacks.

- Defensive AI is repaired to the settings in XNT V4.6, they defend UFO doors reckless.

- RPG Launcher Micro Missiles damage increased in 10%

- Warhawk II and PeaceKeeper damage increased in 4%.

- Accuracy of snapshots for all snipers has reduced in 5%

- Medic pack charges has been set to 30 and 60 for Standard and Advanced.

- Cover when crouched increased to 28%.

- Manufacture is limited to Alien Alloys Replica and Armors.

- Now its possible to manufacture Alien Alloys Replica, its hard to manufacture but provide extra Alloys to player and money income.

- Alien Alloys profit index increased to 400, the selling value is $20.000.

- The amount of Alien Alloys required for Manufacture is increased in 70%.

- New Random Alien Weapon System is integrated to the game, the range of weapons used by aliens is wide and diverse.

- Random UFO content System is increased in range

- Mysterious encounters are awaiting you !! (Coming Soon ! )

Balance Fix PatchV5.00

- New aircraft weapons and aircombat dynamics added

- 4x new aliens added

- Alien invasion rebalance Tickery 0.02315

- Founding penalty increased in 8%

- Bug and fix of the original version was added!

- Viper AI has been readjusted.

- New projectiles included.

Balance Fix PatchV4.33

- Su-27 Flanker name has changed to Su27-T10

- The carry layout of Su27-T10 has been changed to 2x Autocannons and 2x Missiles making this unit a front liner at hand of skillful player.

- Su-T10 Manufacture cost has been increased and his upkeep too.

- Tickery has increased a bit

- Founding penalty has been reduced similar to vanilla but with Dynamic UFO Engine 0.5 (Kabill's Courtesy)

- Vipers fight more defensive and prepare ambush trying not to reveal his position to early.

- Standard Reaper resistance has been increased and his behavior is to create a melee meat shield for other aliens.

- Airsuperriority percentage is reduced to 40%

- Cover modifier has reduced to 0.8

- Standard Alien Plasma rifle gain 3 armor mitigation.

- Basic armor energy resistance has reduced to 20.

This is the new changes of the version V4.3

- New aircraft added to fill the gap between Foxtrot and Corsair (Su-27 Flanker / The official Su-T10 Cheburashka)

- Light Vortex projectors weapons has been rebalanced.

- The UFO interior doors has portholes and work as a cover.

- Living quarters spaces increased to 40, to improve bases diversity.

- Kabill's Dynamic UFO system is implemented, this system makes less predictable the UFO encounters and react to the player performance, making amazing the interaction of alien invasion.

- The Warhawk II and Peackeeper projectiles has been reassigned.

- Sentinel armor are currently balanced to the game.

- The UFO encounters has been randomized.

- Veteran Gameplay is harder but if the player know how to play result in a great reward.

- World Founding has been increased

- Alien weapons and components selling value is increased in 10%

- New Music Track has been added to day combat, and changes the night combat.

- Now I add a small possibility to found a Delta Viper on a Scout.

V4.21 Extended A1

- Alien Heavy Plasmas shots 2 pellets per shot

- 1x Aircraft added (Apollo MRX2)

- Commanders AI has been changed

- Elite Aliens equipment has been changed

- 2x New weapons Added (Keeper TSR-V1 and Warhawk II)

- Random damage changed to 32%

- Vortex Tech Tree has been updated

- Aliens can open UFO doors even if you block it from outside

- New Xenopedia entries

- Balance Fix for Tier3- and Tier3+

V4.0 Extended A1

- Compatible version with V1.0 Xenonauts

- Introductions of new animations

- Exclusive AI for melee units "Brawler

- New type of encounters (Alien composition has been heavy modified)

- Alien Armor value has been a bit increased.

- 2x New alien weapons (The vortex projector)

- Balance minor fixes

- Armor degradation is set to 5%

- Unique type of attack For Delta Viper.

V3.7 Extended A1

- Game alien advance has been reduce

- 8x Games included in the game

- Xenopedia entry for each weapon has included

- Time between waves has been increased to 7800

- Alien Armor value has been modified a bit.

- Alien Equipment and grenades has been improved

- UFO Content has been balanced an reviewed

- Tester Update included


- Zombies has been transformed in a new race

- 2x Races was added to the game

- Now Advanced ballistics are Manufacturables and you can keep economy from start with it

- UFO Hull Breach item size reduced and Power-core explosion reduced to 40%

- Internal UFO maps has been removed for balance issues.

- Economy has been rebalanced again.

- Now is harder reach the next Tier of weapons and armors.

- Techtree has been modified.


- 3x Weapons Added

- Advanced Ballistic Techtree has been developed

- Maintenance of hangars and workshops has been reduced by 20%

- Cost of Radar, Hangar and Workshop reduced by 20%

- Cost and maintenance of laboratories increased by 10%

- Pistol balancing for shot modes and types.

- Wound system changed to each 5 damage 70% and 2 persistent damage (Reduce bleeding effect but difficult to cure).

- Now you can manufacture from beginning of the game (Each Tier has his money maker and the game has a secret money source of resources)

- Stun grenades, stun baton and gas damage is increased by 20%.


- 3x Weapons Added

- 4x Research paths added

- Projectile's speed has been increased to 2000

- Alien Weapons has been modified

- Building Unkeep has been reduced -15%

- New Alien AI, "Boss" for the leader commanders.

- Weapon damage (Increased) and Wounds (Less %) has been modified

- Manufacture of Jackal armors is reduced.

- Complete restructure of Alien Stats.


- 2x Weapons Added

- 2x Research paths added

- Balanced weapons testing

- Lore+ Remastered


- Rank cost reduced by 15%

- Difficulty values is readjusted, aliens stats and accuracy for "Normal" and "Veteran" reduced in 10% and 8% for each one.

- Music is removed due to possible Copyright issues (We'r requesting non-profit free use permission).

- Alien trickery is reduced for Normal and Easy difficulties by 5%.

- Alien Alloy, Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle research time is reduced to 80, 73 and 86 for each one.

- Ufocontent has been modified for Alien Attack, the mixture of scripts put some aliens suited for "Hit and run" long ranged attacks, other ones for "assault" and other team like "commander".

- The funding value of countries has been increased by 5% due to increase profit of defending earth.


- New music for Day and different for Night combat.

- New Background and Hidden turn images.

- Air Superiority of alien invasion is dramatically increased.

- Alien Terror Missions chance is reduced due to his HARD difficulty in the mod (Is considered like Boss Fight)

- Base Attack Frequency is increased to force the player put defenses in their stations.

- Each alien as unique behavior and stats.

- Starting money is increased but Month founding is heavily reduced.

- Alien invasion progression has been increased.

- Refuel, Repair and Reload of aircraft has been increased.

- Manufacture cost of Wolf and Predator has been heavily increased (Considered Premium AAA valuable items)

- Laser and Jackal armors selling value has set and balanced, you can set profitable economy at hard cost in space and infrastructure.

- Research tree has been changed (Tips: For heavy armors you need to develop plating for tanks and then extrapolate it to personal armors)

- Starting Soldiers Stats has been increased in range.

- Starting soldiers is reduced to 6, but this soldiers represent the best of humanity.

- Relation cost of alien attacks has been increased.


- TU consumption of alien Scripts in changed (Behavior.xml)

- Alien Stats has been modified.

- Alien Armor defense is set for each race and ranks.

- Unique AI modifications and new scripts added to the game.

- Clip Size and Ammo for some weapon has increased.

- Armor absorption value is increased.

- Heavy Weapon penalty is changed to 70% of the original accuracy.

- Speed of bullets has increased by 50%.

- Area of Effect and range of explosives has been increased.

- Area of Effect and Range for Flares has been increased, making it more useful in night combat.

- Random damage range for all weapons is changed to 28% instead 50%.

- Kneeling Accuracy boost is increased to 25% instead 20%.

- Armor degradation is reduced to 10%.

- All items in environment as reduced durability by 20% of their original score.

- Explosives makes more damage against structures (7x damage value).

- Short range accuracy bonus is increased to 13%

- Base range of throwing weapons is increased by 0.5

- Range of Burst reaction fire is increased to 20 tiles.

- LOS range for all units has been increased by 20%.

- Weapon ranges is increased in 37% (Not for snipers).

- Wounds deal 5 points of damage and has 50% change to appear by each 5 input damage.

- Damage, Aim parameters and effects has been modified, in this mod shots without cover is HIGHLY possible.

- Cover value of objects has been increased by 25% but weapons accuracy is dramatically increased.

- Tanks and weapon plataforms has been increased in power and protection.


For discussions, feedback, complaints and praises use our:


For take the long of converting all the XNT Corepack to XCE 0.28 and merging system.

Your the best one! :eek:







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New content Guide V6 No.55

XNT bring some changes to the game to improve playability and diversity. This notes had the main objective to help you understand some of the changes and some mandatory tactical notes, this depend on the "Opening" that you choose.

This pack is a preliminary version not completed, specially some changes in Tanks and Aircombat dynamics.

Tactical Note:

- Now Jackal Armor is unlocked only by Alien Alloys.

- Coyote Armor is unlock in two ways, capturing a Harridan alive or dissembling a Corvette UFO.

- Advanced Ballistics are powerfull in comparison to other builds, here you have two possible pathways. Skip advanced ballistics and go for Lasers OR go for Advanced ballistics and skip lasers.

- Flamers and ballistics are different each other, flamer has a unique roles and advantage against some units and heavy covered opponents.

- Try to capture at the start of the game a Caesan and a Sebillian alive.

- Build Black Poison Acid Grenades can help you deal difficult situations, if you dont need grenades sell Gargols bodies for cash.

- In some point you need a lot of research or manufacture, only after 1 month you can establish a solid secondary base. You can focus this secondary base in 3 elements, Interception, Manufacture or Research. Try only to focus your secondary exclusive for 1 or 2 elements, no more. I recommend Interception in any mix.

- The new AI is set to make mistakes, depending on the script the alien can take extreme actions even if you reload the game in the same ground combat.


New Ground Combat Weapons Added

P363 Diablo - Light Improved Pistol



- Bring to Ares Corp disarmed and fully functional Spine Thrower to unlock.

- Improved Version of Colt Pistol.

- Better range and accuracy.

- High Perforation bullets

- Light weight

M14 Hellfire - Improved Multipurpose Assault Rifle H9S6 Balor Street Sweeper



- Bring to Ares Corp disarmed and fully functional Vortex Projector.

- Improved Version M16 Assault Rifle

- Less damage but better fire rate performance.

- Solid weapon specially designed to deal with Alien armors

- More recoil and ammo consumption compared to standard ballistics.

H9S6 Balor - Shotgun Street Sweeper



- Bring to Ares Corp disarmed and fully functional Phazer or Assault plasma.

- Designed to deal with low heavy resilient units even stand alone.

- High ammo consumption, High Recoil, High reload cost and High damage force the player to think better after make some action, with this weapon things can change significantly in accuracy terms.

If you need more suggestions please write in the discussion topic to complement this guide!

Thanks for playing!

GL and HF!







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  • 1 month later...
That's been happening on a seemingly random basis in the vanilla game too

Has it been happening in vanilla too? I know there's been an issue with XCE but there's an unofficial version that llunak put out a while ago (buried in a thread somewhere) which seems to have solved the issue. Don't know if this version of XNT is compatible with v0.3 of XCE though.

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Ventuswings XNT Hell Gate Patch 0.5

  • NEW: Clicking on Garage tab while manufacturing vehicle weapon no longer crashes the game.
  • Clicking on Hangar tab while disassembling UFO datacore no longer crashes the game. Datacore disassembly correctly displays as 'Datacore' on the hanger (still needs disassembly image).
  • Damage numbers re-enabled in Insane difficulty as intended.

Download Here

Install by moving the fix into the [GAME FOLDER]/assets/mods -> Replace all.

Edited files





Techincal modifications

- Added airplane.human.datacore to 'FillsSlot' of all datacore disassembly; inclusion of appropriate image along with modification of aircrafts.xml, strings.xml to make aforementioned insertion work.

- Added additional DamageText line on config.xml to make its MODMERGE work.

- Changed 'Vehicle' tag to 'VehicleWeapons' for all relevant manufactures (manufactures.xml)

Edited by ventuswings
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  • 2 weeks later...

I had found the Modifikation after I played the Community Edition from Xenonauts 75 %. I like the Mod because there are very good Ideas carried out. I am in the 3rd Month without much Problems. Got 2 Bases full and build up the 3rd in the Moment. The Reaserch Ideas are very impressive, so you don´t know what to reasearch first.

Then you dont know what to upgrade first (Strike Team, Aircraft, Base). I find it interessting that you need much reasearch to get Laser (I dont know how to get it) and the production of Alien Alloys. But that is what a game should be.

The Mod combines Elements of the new XCom and all Xenonauts/X-Com elements are included. What makes me happy is the fact, that all these Elements are enhanced with Ideas of the Modding Team. A very good Game gets a Game what the Gamers want to have.

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I dont think so. The Chance and Upgrade of the Original Reaserch Tree (Original Tech Tree is visible if you search it) makes the Game harder, because you have to Search per sample try & error. Thats interessing and makeable in Easy / Normal Mode (if you play the Mod first Time), but on Veteran or higer it is better to know how to search.

I do make it for me and for the Mod to find Bugs in it (Xenopedia etc.). Then I can tell the Team where are Problems in it and they can fix them.

Edited by Alienkiller
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I dont think so. The Chance and Upgrade of the Original Reaserch Tree (Original Tech Tree is visible if you search it) makes the Game harder, because you have to Search per sample try & error. Thats interessing and makeable in Easy / Normal Mode (if you play the Mod first Time), but on Veteran or higer it is better to know how to search.

I do make it for me and for the Mod to find Bugs in it (Xenopedia etc.). Then I can tell the Team where are Problems in it and they can fix them.

I was joking.. you are right.. i even cant find how to research the wolf armor when i first played this mod..

As researchs i think there should be some clue at description of research.. so even you dont know what is next, at least you have an idea.. i will try to make this at my mod.. i hope u play my mod when its up.. It will be XNT's new generation..

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I agree with drages, because if you look for same Games with bigger Tech Trees you will see, that the People how tried it had very big Problems to get it in a normal Picture. Maybee I find a old Tech Tree from an other UFO Game to show the Problematic. Here it is: Ufo Afterlight (and that is the Original Tech Tree):


An other example ist UFO: Extraterestials with UNI-Mod wich is growing slowly but constantly.


Here you see all the Trees (Originaly and Modded).

All of them are small but you see, if you wanna bring it to one Picture, you have to minimize it so that the others couldn´t see it and if they see how big it is, they will be dettert to play the Game / Mod etc. eventually.

Radek look at them and you see what I mean.

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