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Tiles - more variety?

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You are right, there are same occurences in vanilla graphics.

I just wanted to hint my opinion here, like I said not a severe thing. It just looks as if the new cars have had a better polishing run than the pick-up car. Maybe you can do something about this before you do a lot of rendering and painting work.

Or you make a huge load of new cars, so that the original ones stick out because they look so blunt. ;)

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What's the status of this mod? I'd like to include it with the Steam version of X:CE .

No idea. From what I can tell the mod author has forgotten about it and there's no download for it anywhere.

If you're really determined to get it in the XCE version we could probably piece it back together by using the images shown in the thread.

If you don't have the time to edit the images I could probably do it for you. ^_^

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