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Having some trouble connecting my pre-order to Desura

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Okay so I feel really dumb for asking about this, because it just feels like I must've done something really wrong, missed something really easy to see, or something other.... but I just can't find the forum-thread for it, or the shiny green button saying "PRESS ME", so I've given up searching. I'd rather just ask here now.

So... I pre-ordered Xenonauts a good while ago, before Desura came into the picture. I played the alpha some then, but haven't really tried it since (I guess I just didn't want to "spoil it"). I wanted to try it out later when it had gotten some more fixes/changes/progress.

... And now I felt that time has come. But to my surprise, I find it incredibly hard to find any way to download the game. I mean I registered an account on Desura, downloaded the client... I hit the "connect"-button but it just tells me I don't have the game.

How am I supposed to link my pre-order (done through your original paypal-system), to Desura?

In advance, thanks from a complete noob (and probably moron) who couldn't find out the solution for himself. :confused:

Edit: Solved! :)

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Problem solved
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Hmm, well the e-mail I used to pre-order (unless you mean my paypal-email) is the same as I used on Desura. I thought there would be some sort of automatization with the linking...?

Either way, thanks. I'll PM Chris then. :)

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I am pretty sure there was a link to follow on your original email from when the pre order was switched to Desura.

If you followed that link then you activated Xenonauts on your Desura account.

If you didn't follow that link, or didn't keep the email then Chris is your best bet.

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