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Waiting for v9.1

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in all my free time waiting for v9.1 i kept thinking, dang 4 days is a long time but there is nothing i can do about it.

Just gotta hold on for 4 more days!

4 more days!!

Then it hit me, Chris said sunday afternoon UK time...

I dont live in the UK. so i looked up the time dif. between the UK and where i live.

16 hours dif. and even in the right direction!

The UK is 16 hours ahead of me so ill be getting the update on sat. eve.

I know we will all get the update at the same time but for some reason i cant stop feeling like im cheating.

I also know i shouldnt pull this out on you guys but i cant help this either.

Here it comes!!!


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You are an evil man, cheating to gain extra time testing before going back to work.

The only thing I can do to counter that is to tell you I have just damaged the ligaments in my ankle so have been forced to take a week off.

That should give me plenty of free time.

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Sorry to hear that Gauddlike, but im happy for you! errr wait?....yea thats what i mean, i think :confused:

anyway im still one up on you becouse doing what i do i get 2 months off a year in the spring, im 2 weeks into it right now.

BWA..BWAHAAA..HAha.............ha! :D

come on v9.1

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Desura wants to update some game called Xenonauts.

Plus I feel kind of sorry for the second grey from the right, did no one tell him that sticks for banners would not be provided and that he should bring his own?

Edited by Gauddlike

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