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Mikhail Ragulin

Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

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m8 im proper scuffed. No idea why my mod won't work. I tried following this step-by-step and replacing "44" and such with Eagle and modified some stats and added ui images, then tried doing bigiron and modifying stats and adding ui images, I also tried to just duplicate the existing pistol and name it and its ammo pistol2, I tried using existing images and tried not using existing images and I've gotten absolutely no good results. For some reason my pistol2 mod came out with a pistol that was named bigiron, with no description or stat description at all, then I went back and named more things pistol2 and it just crashed again instead. Also, when updating the exisiting mods, I'll try to change the names and descriptions as someone said to make sure they properly update, but instead for some reason only the title OR description would change, then it would randomly insert one of the two from different previous versions when it is in the mod list for the game launcher, giving an old title or old description with the new title or new description, but never the new description and new title, so I can't even verify if the changes I make each time are going through. The only progress I've made is instead of the game not registering the mod at all, it pops up in the mod list, then when I go to the equip screen, the game crashes. My goal right now is to just make a weapon with different stats than the existing pistol. I don't care if it looks different or the same as the existing ballistic pistol. I have literally no modding experience before this point. I can't really find any other mod discussion page for Xenonauts besides this one, so, what can I do?

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