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[v1.5/X:CE] Enhanced Crash Sites (v1.1.3)


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Enhanced Crash Sites


- Impact damage: UFO crash sites enhanced with damage to the surrounding area, smoke and fire.

- Damaged Interiors: Various systems inside the UFO can be damaged in the crash.

Note that the changes in this mod are entirely aesthetic and, aside from a small number of tiles restricted due to fire, this mod does not affect game play in any way.

DO NOT USE THIS MOD WITH FIRE IN THE HOLE.  An adapted version of Enhanced Crash Sites is included with Fire in the Hole so only use this mod if you want the crash damage without hull breaching.  Note as well that XCE includes its own version of crash damage and so this mod is not strictly required if you want crash-like effects.

Known Issues:

- I possibly haven't set some of the damaged UFO components to have the right image when they are further damaged. It's not at all a major issue, though.



Enhanced Crash Sites v2.0


Install Instructions:

To install, either:

1) Unpack the zip file into assets/mods; or

2) Install using the mod manager in the Xenonauts game launcher

Alternatively, for Steam users, you can install the mod via Steam Workshop.

However you install the mod, make sure you set it to 'active' in the mod manager.

Uninstall Instructions:

To uninstall, either:

1) Delete the mod's folder from assets/mods; or

2) Uninstall using the mod manager in the Xenonauts game launcher

If you installed using Steam Workshop, you should also unsubscribe from the mod (otherwise it will keep re-downloading). Note that simply unsubscribing from the mod will not delete it; you must also delete the mod using one of the above methods.

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It might be just a coincidence but as soon as I upgraded to 1.1.3. the game crashed to desktop everytime I manually launched a missile in air combat. The problem was gone when I downgraded to 1.1.2 again. I have no idea what your mod might have to do with air combat, but there you go, it happened so... :)

For your information, the only other mods I use are skitso femmonauts, skitso ranks and insignias and his map pack.

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Shouldn't have anything to do with this mod, or if it does I don't know what. Are you using the community edition mod? If you're not, that's the only thing that I can think of that might in any way be causing it, but I'm still not sure why.

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Well, my understanding was that it should work with 1.06 vanilla. The only meaningful game file difference is gameconfig and I don't know why that would be causing a CTD on missile launch. If I get a chance, I'll try it out tonight to see if I get the same issue, anyway.

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As I said, maybe it's just coincidence but I have no other mod installed.

Just tried ECS on an otherwise clean install and got no CTD when launching missiles. So, not sure what's going on but it doesn't appear to be related to the mod.

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Sorry for double-post, but to answer Junker, I tested this mid game, and it seemed to work without problems.

And thank you Kabill, just had my first assault to battleship capturing first Praetorian. Not many came out alive, but having all those flames and thick black smoke outside and inside ship made it so much more awesome. This is a great mod, I highly recommend it.

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Hey kabill, I finally got around to install this and give it a bit more play time. Amazing, it really improves the game. However, a samll thing that you should probably fix: you've not removed the impassable tiles around light scout doors. (They are not in the vanilla versions anymore either)

I fixed it for myself already, but I thought it might be a good idea to fix it for everybody else in the achieve too.

Edited by Skitso
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